​​Are You Prepared For Love?

Most of society believes that "preparing for love" means getting their body in shape by going to the gym, getting a tan, a wax, or eating right, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Take this short quiz to see if you are truly prepared for love.

This quiz is for both men and women.

Before You Find Love, You Have To Get Prepared.

Grab a piece of paper, mark yes or no to the following questions.

1) Do you go out with friends when you’re not in the mood – just so you can do something and hopefully you'll meet "The One" when you're out?  (otherwise you'll feel like you’re doing nothing to find a guy or girl?)

2) Do you dislike any of the following: matchmakers, online dating, blind dates, going to bars or clubs, singles events, charity or high society events - but still do them cause you’re not sure what else you can do to meet a man (or woman)?

3) Do you keep men (or women) around, even when you’re not crazy about them, because "you never know” and it may turn into something….

4) Do you feel that as you get older, your selection of good guys/girls gets less and less?

5) Do you secretly worry that maybe you’re too picky or expecting too much from a man or woman?

6) Is it hard for you to let go of men (or women) and your relationship with them, even when it’s not working the way you’d like it to?

7) Do you think about your ex (or exes) and wonder what they’re doing and play with the idea of contacting them again ( or do contact them again)?  Do you think, maybe it’ll work better a second time around?

8) Do you feel lonely?

9) Are you a happier when you're in a relationship?

10) Do you work harder to find love than others?

11) Do you take part in self growth activities, such a reading, attending classes/workshops, or counseling?

12) Do you use the Laws of the Universe to manifest your desires?

13) Does the Universe play a big part in your dating strategy?


How Do You Score?

If you said “YES” to any of the questions numbered 1-10
and “NO” to any of the questions numbered 11-13, you’re not prepared.

When you are prepared for love you are actively creating with, flowing with, and trusting the Universe to bring you “The One”. You’re using your inner and outer power to attract love and actively taking steps to grow and get to know yourself better.


When You're Prepared For Love...

Love happens easily, quickly, and magically!

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