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Prepare Yourself for Love™

Suggested use:  Start with Embracing a Breakup™, then move to Clear & Cleanse Your Love Life™, then Prepare Yourself for Love™.  If you haven't been in a relationship for 3 months or more start with Clear & Cleanse Your Love Life™ then move to Embracing a Breakup™, then Prepare Yourself for Love™


When You're Prepared for Love, You Attract It Easily and Effortless...

Finding "the One" isn't about going on more dates, hanging out at bars, attending singles events, or searching online all night. It's not about asking your friends to match you up and it's not about keeping "an eye out" everytime you go out because you never know when "he" will show up. We've all done that and it doesn't work. Finding your match isn't about working harder, looking longer, or trying more... it's about preparing yourself.  


Before you can find love, you need to be prepared. Are you prepared for love? 


In this Audio Program you'll learn an easier way to date. A natural, more flowing, effortless way that brings "the One" to you rather than you going out searching for him. You'll discover Universal Principles and Manifestation Techniques that work no matter what age you are or how much dating hardache you've been through. The work no matter what - and magically draw "him" to you...

Finding true love doesn't have to be frustrating. It doesn't have to be a struggle. Actually, attracting a true, spiritual connection is very easy, effortless and even fun(!) when you partner with the Universe to bring "it" to you.


Stop wasting your time "looking for love" and instead attract it to you.

In the newly updated "Prepare Yourself for Love" Audio Program I will teach you my secret, time tested steps for finding true love and happiness.



3 Audios, which include 7 Manifestation Exercises and 2 Super Powered "Love Attracting" Meditations. These are Manifestation Audios, which means they are powerfully charged with exercises for you to do right now! These are not audios that you sit back and listen to passively... you take an active part in the MANIFESTATION that happens right as you are listening to them and doing the exercises! Yep, you'll be creating magic! Discover how incredibly powerful you are. Use your energy to draw him to you



You'll receive an extra audio, this is an exciting and informative audio of Blaire explaining the Prepare Yourself for Love and mindset to attract love magically!  Enjoy!


What You'll Need:

The material you'll be learning in this audio is sacred. You'll be going through a sacred ceremony of learning how to attract your "One" ; Set aside quiet time to focus on consciously creating your love life. Light some candles. Make some tea or grab a glass of wine. Grab your pen and journal. Get ready to take notes, take part in the written exercises, plus for the second audio you'll need to be near a mirror - either grab a hand held mirror to do the exercises with or place yourself in front of a door or wall mirror. Get ready for a transformation in the way you look at and go about attracting love. Enjoy the ride and the excitement of learning about your power to create! I'm excited for you - and send you lots of love!

  • All Material Is Channeled.  Blaire is Intuitive and communicates with the Spiritual Realm.
  • The download link for this product will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase (Monday-Friday).


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 Meet Karen -  Married to her "One"- October 2009


Just Some of The Many Praises for Prepare Yourself for Love:

(More on "Testimonials" Page)

"Your Prepare Yourself for Love CD really gave me a lot to think about and I like the way you don't think the way most of our society does.  I really think the exercises on your CD work!  Thank you" - Robyn


"I just wanted to thank you for all the things you taught me.  I already feel the difference - I am a happier person already and believe that I must be radiating a more positive energy because I went on two dates last week and both guys asked me out again.  Although I was not attracted to either guy, rather than focus on that, I focused on the fact that they really liked me.  That alone is making me more confident alrady and I truly believe that eventually I will meet the right person." - Marissa, NYC



"Since the Prepare Yourself for Love Workshop, I have practiced and lived the techniques you taught. I walk around trying to remain in the same energy we generated that day. It feels good! I prefer this way of living and others have commented on how happy I have been. I have generated interest from men everywhere I go. It's nice to talk with people and see them respond to the energy you're giving off.  But I think I did get myself in a little trouble.... I have taken my car for service to the same dealership for years. All the of sudden an older service guy, distinguished (blue eyes, blond hair, tall, slender, attractive) has taken interest in me. In the course of the last week he has asked me to dinner, sent flowers to my house, and now is offering to pay half the bill for my car repairs. This is all nice, but I'm not interested in him and I don't want to offend him. Do I need to tone down this happy nature? I like this positive energy I would like to continue - I feel better. I just think his attention is making me second guess myself. What should I do?" - Tanya, 31, NJ ...... Blaire's Note To Tanya.....   What a happy "trouble" to get yourself into, right? Once you learn these manifestation techniques, get ready for lots of love, attention, and gifts! This is a sign from the Universe Tanya is attracting abundance from all areas of her life. Being magnetic brings all new "trouble" which really isn't any trouble at all! It's all good stuff.. great stuff, and definitely wonderful news worth celebrating! Congrats Tanya, I know it feels wonderful! (PS: Don't worry about all the attention from men, I'll teach you how to handle it) ;-)


PS:  Are you frustrated with your love life?  Having trouble meeting men who you're attracted to?  When you prepare yourself for love, love comes to you easily.... naturally and effortlessly.  Learn how to attract "the One" to you (rather than having to go out looking for him) - now!