​​​​​Fed Up And Frustrated With Being Single?

Want To Learn How To Attract "The One?"

​​​The love attracting session includes an assessment of your current love life, your love life history, and an intuitive look into what you need to learn and what needs to shift in order for you to manifest "The One."  If after the initial session, we both decide we're a match, you'll be invited to become one of my private clients where I guide, teach, and help you attract love into your life.

Details About Love Attracting Sessions:
During Love Attracting Sessions I will teach you how to partner with the Universe so you can attract "the One" in an easier, more natural way.  This is now about going out looking for love or working hard at it.  Quite the opposite - it's about learning how to attract love to you.  This is the method (what I call "The Spiritual Way To Attract The One"®) that Spirit/The Universe taught me in 2004.  

  • During the initial session, we'll talk about your love life (or lack thereof).
  • I'll take an assessment of what you have been doing to find love, what has been working and what hasn't.
  • We'll go over where you'd like help.
  • I'll take an intuitive look at where you still may be harboring hurt, heartbreak and where you may be blocked.
  • You'll get an idea of your unhealthy relationship patterns and where you're still carrying baggage from the past.
  • Spiritual guidance will be shared and you'll start learning how to partner with the Universe to attract love.
  • You'll receive channeled messages that are specific to you. 
  • You'll also get an exercise (or several) to do in between sessions which will stir up the manifestation energy.

Bring To Your Session:
Come to your session with a notepad and pen.  A lot will be shared.  Review your notes in between sessions so you can build the manifestation energy to attract "The One."  Bring a bottle of water and some tissues, as you may feel the need to cry (which is a great release).

What To Expect:

During sessions, we'll talk but things will be happening beneath the surface.  Your perspective on dating, relationships and life will change.  New awarenesses will come in.  Your consciousness will expand.  You'll receive spiritual guidance, channeled messages, heart healings, and a knowing on how to partner with the Universe to attract "the One."  During each session you'll receive practical exercise(s) on how to attract love which will ground the spiritual teachings you just learned into the real and the practical.  This is how we'll bring about change.

You'll leave with a feeling of clarity and peace, and an understanding of your way forward for success.  

As we continue working together, you'll learn how to attract love easily and effortlessly.  Say bye-bye to working hard and going out looking for love, wondering where it is.  I will be your guide, your mentor, your teacher and healer - with you every step of the way.

You will become empowered.  No more feeling sorry for yourself or that you're a victim to circumstance.  You will feel strong and powerful.  You will have wisdom and a knowingness of exactly what to do to draw love to you.  


Via Phone Or Skype

Click Here To Schedule - 1 Hour Love Attracting Session - $550

In Person​ (Northern NJ or NYC)

Click Here To Schedule - 1 Hour Love Attracting Session - $700*

* For In Person Sessions:
I will come to your office, social club, or meet you at a restaurant.  Whichever location you choose, make sure you are scheduling your session during an off hour and you will have a private room reserved where you are free to talk about private stuff, cry if you have to, and won't be disturbed.  

Once You Sign Up:
You'll receive an email within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) with an intake form and some dates and times that are available.  I am in the Eastern Time Zone (New York).

After Your Initial Session:
Block out some quiet time after your session so you can write down any thoughts and feelings that have come up.  It's best if you spend the rest of your day out in nature or at home in quiet reflection.  These sessions are a beautiful gift you are giving to yourself, so it's best if you spend some time with yourself and process whatever may come up.  Be gentle on yourself.  Away from loud music, alcohol, drugs, friends and family.  Be there for you.  Put on some soft background music, make yourself a nice meal, drink lots of water to help process the energy and clear the toxins, and listen to what comes up.  You may be tired and want to take a nap.  After your sessions, it's is a great time to hear the quiet voice of your intuition.  It's a great time to hear the stirrings of your soul.  Also be sure to congratulate yourself for taking a proactive step to learning how to bring love into your life.

Within A Week:
Enroll in The Attract The One Accelerator or The Attract The One Home Study Program.  During your initial session, we stirred up some wonderful energy.  In order to have the manifestation energy grow, so that you can attract "The One," you need to have weekly guidance and support so you learn new ways of attracting love and so that you don't go back into old patterns. 

Questions?  Email or Call 917-979-3177