Life Been Too Serious Lately?

Stressing Cause Your Dreams Are Taking

Too Long To Manifest?

Come Have Some (Strange, Weird, Wild) Fun!

​​Reduce Stress!

Have Fun!

Get Your Happy Hormones Going!

Manifest Your Dreams!

Laughter Yoga in The Park for Manifestation and Healing

Monday, May 21, 2018- Come join us for our 1st class!

6:00PM - 6:30PM EST

Yanticaw Park* - Passaic Avenue - Nutley, NJ

Yanticaw Park is located between Centre and Chestnut Street. If you'd like to put an address in your GPS you can put 343 Park Avenue, Nutley NJ and you'll see the park across the street. There is plenty of free parking on the street, just read the street sign to confirm it is okay.

The park's bathrooms are open during the week (only) from 9-5PM. There's a Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks in the area, so feel free to stop there to use the bathroom before you enter the park. There are port-o-potties available on the park's grounds.

Sign Up To Attend:

Click Here to Purchase 1 Ticket - $15

* this price is ONLY good until 3PM the day of the event. After that, it's $20 per person (cash only, bring exact change).

Click Here To Purchase 2 Tickets - Come with a Friend - $25 (Save $5!) 

* this price is ONLY good until 3PM the day of the event. After that, it's $20 per person (cash only, bring exact change).

​We Will Meet:
If you park around 343 Park Avenue (you'll see a bunch of apartment buildings). Enter the park from that location and you'll see a staircase. We'll meet at the top of that staircase (there's a sign that says Yanticaw Park).

Please Arrive Early:
I will meet you at the top of the staircase around 5 mins before the event start time. If you're not familiar with the park, please arrive early, as we'll be moving from that location to start our class at exactly 6PM.

What To Wear:
You can wear whatever you'd like to class - yoga pants, shorts, jeans, work clothes, etc. We won't be on the floor/rolling around/getting dirty. You'll be standing the whole time, so feel free to wear whatever you're comfortable in. (I'll be wearing yoga pants or shorts)

What To Bring:

An open mind and a willingness to to try something new. You may want to bring some water, a notepad and pen too (to process what emotions, thoughts, experiences come up).

Cancellation Policy:

All tickets are non-refundable, but transferable to a friend if you'd like to send someone in your place. If you would like to do this, send an email before 1PM on the day of the event stating your name, what event you signed up for, and the full name and email address of who will be attending the event in your place. In the event of rain, the class will be rescheduled within 2 weeks or less and your ticket will be applied to that class.

Class May Be Recorded:
By signing up for this class, you irrevocably consent to be videotaped and audio recorded. You also irrevocably consent that any recorded images or audio from this class may be used and reproduced in any and all media known or hereafter devised for promotional, advertising, educational, made for purchase, or any other purposes in association with The Love Guru.

About The Love Guru:

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Dating and Relationship Expert, Marriage and Family Therapist.

What Is Laughter Yoga?​
Laughter yoga is a kooky, fun, and great activity where you gather in a group and do different exercises that make you laugh. 

Laughing is an excellent healing activity to bring more joy into your life, attract more good things, reduce stress, and boost your immune system.

Laughter Yoga helps clear stuck emotions that are trapped in your body. It's a great exercise for your internal organs, and a detox for negative energy.

There is no stretching or moves you'd normally do in a yoga.

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"Laughter Yoga for

Manifestation & Healing"

We're going to use the positive energy we generate during class

to manifest our dreams and heal our life.

1 Part Wild and Wacky Laughing Exercises To Raise Your Vibration

+ 1 Part Manifestation and Healing Class

Come with an intention of what you want to create in your life!​​

​Blaire works with high-powered executives, entrepreneurs, and celebrities who’ve experienced career success, but their love life's a mess. 

If they're single and fed up, she teaches them an easier, more natural, flowing way to attract love which is called, “The Spiritual Way To Attract The One.”®

And if they're in a relationship, but unhappy and struggling, she helps them uncover exactly what went wrong and how to fix it -- or to help them leave the relationship with grace and ease, so they never repeat the same issues again (with the same partner or someone new).​

She is the creator and founder of a unique healing modality, called "Heart Healing" which is a form of emotional healing that opens and heals your heart and clears out anger, sadness, frustration, anxiety, loneliness and fear so you can attract the love, have the relationship, and the life you desire.

With this breakthrough approach, she's able to clear and  heal anything and everything that is blocking you from attracting love and having a successful relationship.

Blaire has been featured in over 100 media outlets worldwide: The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, CNN, MSNBC, Glamour Magazine, Montel Show, The Guardian UK and much more.​



"Excellent.  There should be more classes like this one."

"Loved the way you presented the material.  Thank you!"


"Blaire's teachings are deeply empowering and a blessing to all who attended"

"Very inspiring class - thank you!  I'm going to attend your Prepare Yourself For Love Workshop next week too!"

"I love your story and your teachings.  Your energy is fantastic!"


"Blaire is passionate about the work she does.  It's inspiring and her energy is infectious."


"I really loved hearing your story and I really love your passion and how real you are.   It's refreshing.  Thank you."


"I really like Blaire.  Blaire's talk was enjoyable and of course enlightening"

"Fun and enlightening"

"This was wonderful and insightful. The lightbulbs are going off in my head.  Thank you, Blaire, for your skillful facilitation and creating a safe and loving environment. I'm looking forward upcoming talks."

"Fun, safe, secure place to explore love and relationship issues with like minded people. Blaire leads the group with skill and grace."

"Very interesting.  I actually would have liked it if we'd have had another 30 minutes."


"I have practiced the exercise in the morning that you shared and I can tell you that I have been feeling SO good..."