​​​​​​It's easy to get wrapped up in your thoughts when you have no clue what the guy is thinking.

You end up wasting a lot of time wondering and debating,

"Does He See Me As Girlfriend Material...?"

"I'm Pretty Sure He's Attracted To Me..."

"He Did Mention He Was Thinking About Me..."

Instead, of all this thought that goes in circles... This could be a time that the two of you are growing closer, developing a relationship, getting more intimate, and being happy. It could also be a time, that if you don't want the same things as one another, you can move on and find a guy who does want the same as you.


Stop Wondering... and Start KNOWING!

Stop Wondering...

  • If he's interested in having a relationship with you

  • If he considers you his girlfriend

  • When you're going to see him again

  • When he'll call

  • Where your relationship is going

  • If he's dating anyone else

  • If he's interested in getting closer

  • If your relationship is heading towards marriage

Stop Feeling...

  • Anxious when you start dating a new guy

  • Worried when you get into a relationship that he'll leave you or you'll push him away

  • Scared that you're going to "screw up" the relationship

  • Afraid to share what's on your mind

  • Frustrated with not knowing where you stand

What You'll Receive:

1) "How To Ask for What You Want, Need or Wonder About In A Relationship" 1 Hour MP 3 Audio Download

You'll learn 5 Key Steps on how to take back your power, get rid of your anxiety, and get what you want from a relationship! 

This is an instant download and you'll get the download link the minute you click "purchase" - and yes, even if it's 1am in the morning!

2) "Putting It Into Action" Exercise Guidebook

I want you to be successful in love, so with this audio mp3 recording download I've also included a "Putting it to Action" Exercise Guidebook to help you put what you learn in the call into action right away.

This an instant download too... so you can get started the second you put your order through.

This is how my gift works -- 
I am sharing more of "me" and "my teachings" with you.

You see, if we were to work privately together, I would teach you a new way of dating, creating, or being in a relationship based on whatever your current problem was...and then I would take you through a practical exercise (or two, three or more) to make sure you understood the new concept and are able to implement the new material into your love life right away.

This is a powerful combination, and it's how my unique gift of "Heart Healing" works which creates change in my clients' lives so quickly.

Having a private session with me costs $650/hour and up, so at a lower price I've included some additional guidance for you so you can benefit.

Now, why would I do this?

Why did I include some additional healing work from me at a fraction of the cost of what I charge private clients?

Because it's important to me that you learn (and implement) what I'm teaching you. It's also important to me that those who like, resonate, and benefit from my special gifts know how I teach, help and heal, so they have the confidence to step up, invest in themselves, and choose to work with me privately to transform their love lives.

The "Putting It Into Action" Guidebook is my way of virtually helping you take the material to another level.

Many times people listen to audios to pick up new information.

They think the new concepts they just learned sound good, but don't put them into action to make real change... and then they wonder why nothing has changed in their life since they listen to all this self help. But the reason why people don't put the new concepts into action in their lives is because the material is new to them and they're not sure what the next steps would be.

Here, I'm giving you the next steps in your journey.

This way, you'll be able to move forward and see positive changes in your love life right away. 

"...We have been blissfully happy ever since"

"I wanted to tell you about something that is happening in my life which is so amazing. I have fallen deeply in like with the guy who was the subject of our coaching call!!!! I ended up having that conversation with him, inspired by that ("How To Ask for What You Want, Need, or Wonder About In A Relationship) teleseminar on how to speak up to a guy. And his response was really good. He was so happy that I was able to be upfront and straightforward with him.

He had no idea he was giving off "not interested" vibes because he was totally interested. Long story short, we ended up establishing great communication because of it and have been blissfully happy ever since. I know that it is very early in this relationship but I just know that he is just as honest, open, and sincere as I am, and I can't imagine that we would stop dating any time soon. We both know what we want and have talked about it. We both agreed that we want to date exclusively and see where it goes. Weeeee!!! Ever since I had the "talk" with him, he has been so communicative and ALWAYS calls when he says he will, etc." - Karen, Florida

UPDATE: Karen has a vacation set for this summer to visit her man's family up north and the two of them are planning on moving in together in the fall! Congrats Karen! So happy for you!

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ATTENTION MEN: Even though this sales page speaks to women, this product will work for you too as I am sharing relationship/communication tools.

"How To Ask For What You Want,

Need, or Wonder About, In A Relationship "

 "Do You Worry About Bringing Up Certain Questions or Topics To The Guy You're Seeing ...Because You're Afraid It May Be Too Soon In Your Relationship

and Don't Want To Come Across As Needy?" 

You Analyze The Situation Over And Over... "Does He Like Me? Is He Looking For A Relationship? Does He Want To Date Casually? Is He Dating Someone Else ...Does He Want To Be "Just Friends?"

 It's Time You Feel Empowered and Comfortable in a Relationship

Get the "How To Ask For What You Want, Need or Wonder About In A Relationship" Audio

+ "Putting It Into Action" Guidebook​​

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This audio was recorded in 2008, and although the quality of the audio isn't perfect, it works and you can hear me speaking. I decided to leave the recording as-is, rather than re-record it, because a lot of people had breakthroughs and success from this audio and I want the same for you.

As soon as you purchase the guide, you should receive an email with the guide for you to download (If you don't see it in your inbox, check your spam folder, just in case!). If you are having an issue, please email me and I will take care of you.  (Please allow 24-48 hours Monday-Friday - usually sooner - for me to personally reply to you)