How I Finally Figured Out How To Attract "The One"

In 2004, I got the idea to put up the website which was meant to be a private site for friends and family.

On the site I put information about me, and the type of man I was looking for.

I told my parents that I was no longer looking for my "One" -- that it was now there responsibility.

If they wanted me to get married, they were going to have to find me a man.  Obviously I was getting nowhere on my own.

Instead of the website being private, before it was officially done being designed, it got out -- and went viral.

Across the US and into other countries, I was receiving emails from suitors everywhere.

I was also interviewed on many TV shows, radio shows, newspapers and magazines.

Here's an interview I did on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" about my search.


The Website Taught Me How To Partner With The Universe To Attract "The One"

What happened was I got exhausted by all the dates I was going on through the website.

I was dating guys who looked cute in their picture, and were dorky, or overweight, and out of shape in person.

Also, I was going on dates with guys I wasn't interested in, because I thought I better give marriage-minded, nice guys a chance...

​But all that didn't work.

It wasn't until I listened to the guidance The Universe was sharing with me that I had success.

The Universe Guided Me On Very Specific Things To Do -- And I Found My "One!"

It actually ended up being really easy steps.

(they were kind of fun too)

So easy, that my mind was bugging out and kept wondering, "Is this really going to bring me results?"

And they did.

I just kept doing what The Universe shared with me - and I started seeing results!

Is this something you want too?

In this program I share with you the manifestation tools and spiritual principles I used, so you too can have success!


The Spiritual Way To Attract The One®
Home Study Program

A step by step program guiding you with spiritual teachings, healings, and exercises.

5 modules (go at your own pace) filled with spiritual teachings, healing work, and exercises

to apply to your life right away, ensuring transformation, processing of emotions, healing, and manifesting INSTANTLY!

Stop Struggling To Find Love
Attract Love To You Easily, Effortlessly and Magically!


  • READING A SPIRITUAL TEACHING and having your LIFE CHANGE INSTANTLY!  That's what changing your perspective and increased awareness does for you! 

  • DOING AN EXERCISE... and then instantly a man (or woman) appears in your life who fit the traits on your ideal mate list.

  • GOING FOR A WALK...  or doing something you regularly do like... going to work, going to the gym or hanging out at the pool -- and YOU BUMP INTO someone you have an INSTANT SOUL CONNECTION TO!

  • JOURNALING about what you desire... and then when you head for the day and The Universe makes what you just wrote about COME TRUE! 

A Proven System that Clears Blocks,  
Heals Unhealthy Thought Patterns about Love,
Releases Sabotaging Behaviors,

and Gets You Attracting Your "One" -- 

Please Note: You will start attracting "The One" right away. You do NOT have to HURRY through the program. You start becoming magnetic instantly (that's how it works with you partner with The Universe).

​Included In The Program:

Loads and loads of information, teachings and exercises. The Program is PACKED with 5 MONTHS of material -- week after week you are given new exercises to apply to your life. But because I know most singles are in a RUSH to attract the "One" - I've made the full program accessible to you the minute you sign up and pay in full. You don't need to complete the Program to attract love -- you become magnetic right away!


WELCOME AUDIO (44 minutes)


MODULE #1 - Healing Your Heart (1 Audio + 7 Lessons/Exercises)

Before you can create a new, fresh, healthy and happy relationship you need to clear out the past. This is a crucial step for everyone. The past has a nasty way of creeping back into our lives, if not properly healed, no matter how long ago it was. That’s why the program starts here….  to ensure your success and so you can start with a clean slate. Most people bury their hurt and negative past experiences only for the anxieties and issues to come out and CONTAMINATE their new relationship. Going through this module -- that won't happen to you!

You will be guided to explore and heal your current or repressed or current emotions towards your ex(s) and past failed relationships. This is healing work. More specifically, emotional healing. When you do healing work, you are also doing manifestation work.

Includes 20 Minute Audio + 7 Lessons / Exercises


MODULE #2 - Clear and Cleanse Your Love Life (1 Audio + 6 Lessons/Exercises) 

“Clear and Cleanse Your Love Life” is a module that focuses on healing, as well as manifesting. Clearing and Cleansing your love life is very valuable and a step that most do not do and are not aware of. Doing a clearing and cleansing of your love life cleans the slate of your emotional as well as physical world, so you are fresh and clear of baggage to welcome in a new lover and partner. 

Includes 21 Minute Audio + 6 Lessons / Exercises


MODULE #3 - Partnering With The Universe To Attract Love (1 Audio + 7 Lessons/Exercises)

“Partnering With The Universe To Attract Love” you’ll learn the foundation of what it means to partner with the Universe. You’ll learn more about the Spirit helpers who are here to help you on your journey with love, as well as discover details about how to work with the Universe, not against it. You'll be introduced to what a conscious relationship is and how to create a conscious relationship. This module includes an art project for you to do -- manifestation art! You'll also learn and get a better understanding of how to manifest in an easy and fun way.

Includes 6 Minute Audio + 7 Lessons / Exercises



MODULE #4 - Prepare Yourself for Love (3 Audios + 20 Lessons/Exercises)

After you've done the other modules and have a great foundation for manifesting your "One" -- you'll move into more fun stuff.  Manifesting! Good thing you cleared out the past – we needed to make room for your manifestations! Too many times people try to manifest when they are clogged up with old baggage and then wonder why their manifestations aren’t appearing… This program helped you take care of clearing out that old baggage... and this is the next magical step. “Prepare Yourself for Love” is 100% manifestation work and super powerful. You will learn how to use your internal power to create and draw “The One” into your life.

Includes 3 Audios (60 Minutes, 40 Minutes, 20 Minutes) + 20 Lessons / Exercises



BONUS!  MODULE #5 – Releasing (1 Audio + 10 Lessons/Exercises)

Module 1-4 are really all you need to attract the "One" - but just in case, I've included even more manifestation tips.
Module #5 “Releasing” focuses on the energy of surrender and healing. 

Includes 11 Minute Audio + 10 Lessons / Exercises


Go At Your Own Pace.

There's No Need To Rush.
Shifts Happens with Every Step You Take!

You Do NOT Need To Complete The Program In Order To Attract "The One" - You Can Attract Him (or Her) Right After The First Lesson or Exercise!

Get Access To The Program Right Now

​With The Spiritual Way To Attract The One® Program...
There Is NO MORE Waiting.
NO MORE Complaining.
NO MORE Feeling Sorry For Yourself.
Instead, you're the one in the driver's seat.

Get FULL ACCESS to the program right now when you pay in full!
*If you are paying by installments, you'll get access to the program when full payment is received.

The material I am teaching you has TRANSFORMED not only my love life -- but MY WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE -- my clients too
Once you learn how to partner with the Universe to attract "The One" there is no going back - ever!  
You become fully in your power and the sky's the limit on what you can create in your world.

I'll Teach You How To Easily, Effortlessly, and MAGICALLY Attract "The One" TO YOU
-- Rather Than Searching EVERYWHERE For Him Or Her.

Success Stories
Here are real life stories of what happens when you learn my way of attracting love!
You apply no extra effort.  
You simply read the teachings, think about them, journal, do the exercises,
and then you let The Universe brings "The One" to you.
It's really that easy!


"I always say, I'm my first client.  I magically met a man from England when we were both in vacation in Florida. After 7 months, he moved to America to be with me and a few months later, we got married! During our time getting to know one another, my Twin Flame flew to the US every month to see me.  He frequently fly me out to the UK to visit him.  And he took me on a two month trip all over England, Italy and France.  Quite a fairytale romance, right?!  (Which by the way, was exactly what I set out to manifest when I was working with the tools I share with you in this Program). Since I'm a Spiritual Teacher, I'm on an accelerated spiritual path and am always working to expand my consciousness and raise my frequency.  My Twin Flame didn't have this same direction with his life, so we ended up being lead down different paths and have since separated.  That is not to take away anything from our Twin Flame Partnership.  I will always honor that relationship and it will always be a significant relationship that I am proud of in my life.  Your Twin Flame is the highest level of partnership you can attract." - The Love Guru



"Since the Prepare Yourself for Love Workshop, I have practiced and lived the techniques you taught.   I walk around trying to remain in the same energy we generated that day. It feels good! I prefer this way of living and others have commented on how happy I have been. I have generated interest from men everywhere I go. It's nice to talk with people and see them respond to the energy you're giving off. But I think I did get myself in a little trouble.... I have taken my car for service to the same dealership for years. All the of sudden an older service guy, distinguished (blue eyes, blond hair, tall, slender, attractive) has taken interest in me. In the course of the last week he has asked me to dinner, sent flowers to my house, and now is offering to pay half the bill for my car repairs."  - Tanya, 31, NJ




"The day AFTER I did the last day of the "Clear & Cleanse Your Love Life Program" guys just started coming out of the woodwork!! If it hadn't happened to me I would have never believed it!  Hahahaha..Works FAST!" - Monica, NJ




"When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life. I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years.  I had never known true love, and I was searching and searching for it constantly--in all the wrong places...  In our sessions she pointed out some key things that I strongly believe helped me better myself and guide me in a better direction for pursuing not only the love life I desired, but the life I desired because ultimately your love life should magnify all of the other really wonderful things in your personal life too... So I took the advice I was given, just about 6 months later I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams. We were inseparable from the very beginning and moved in together just recently. I have never been so in love, in my life - and the guidance I got from Blaire I always hold in high regard.  I thank the Universe every day for my abundant happiness with Mike and I am finally living the life I always knew I could and wanted to, with him and personally, which is the best feeling."  - Marissa, NJ





"Before joining Blaire's program, I was very anxious about dating and finding the One.  I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn't be doing.  Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease. I KNOW I will find the One and I don't have to settle for less than a perfect match for me.  Each week's exercises seemed to bring out a major realization about myself that added week to week to the transformation I have made into a much more confident happy person who is prepared for that amazing relationship!"

UPDATE FROM KAREN: 1 Month after her program ended...

"I have found The One!  Now I am going out on a limb a bit to say that ...but it's just so great I can't help it.  I have never found someone I am so well matched with We have so many things in common and are so in sync on everything it's insane.  We even have the same birthday! We want the same things in life (marriage, kids). AND the chemistry is unbelievable.  I keep wanting to pinch myself because it's hard for me to believe that I finally found him after all this time.  I know that working with Blaire and doing the program has definitely played a part in how I attracted him.  As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that it sounds like an ad or something! But it's all true!!

So a big thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Blaire!!! Also, I had another incredible amazing date with him last night and we have lots of fun plans this weekend. We have so much fun together and feel so good around each other.  It really is like you have said - it's easy and it just flows!"  - Karen, FL




"I spent so many years dreaming of "The One" and getting married and the fact that it's actually happening is so surreal! I thought you'd enjoy hearing that you helped me to find real, true love...  I purchased your Preparing Yourself for Love Program and followed the exercises.  I wanted to let you know that, I met a guy. I liked him instantly.  I saw him a month later and he asked me out. We went out and a beautiful relationship blossomed. And guess what? We're engaged and getting married in 3 and a half weeks!!! .... I've been meaning to write to tell you because I really do think you helped me in finding him!   He matches so much of what I wanted and described in the exercises you created. It is amazing to me because I never had a lot of luck in love and meeting him was like coming home. So thank you! I truly believe the internal work you helped with played a part."  - Erin, Nashville




"Blaire! I've been reading your blog and watching your videos for 2 years now. I don't know why I didn't tell you this earlier... but a little over a year ago you posted a video that really changed the way I viewed my love life. It's the video that got me where I am now -- ENGAGED!  (Ashleigh has since gotten married)! Your video was about not dating a lot of guys at the same time. I had watched this video right after I signed up for and I had gone on a few dates that were all scheduled around the same time. At the time, I was feeling really confused and distracted. Your video helped me understand why I was so distracted! I was dating too many guys!! Anyway... I sorted out my feelings and decided to take your advice and just focus on the one guy who interested me the most ... and now he is my fiance! GREAT ADVICE! All it took was this shift in how I was dating! Thank you! I thought you would want to know" - Ashleigh, FL

Enroll in the Home Study,

"The Spiritual Way To Attract The One"®


​Payment plan available.

* For a limited time, the program includes 3 (1 hour Intuitive Heart Healing calls with The Love Guru - valued at $1,250 each)

What I Teach Works -- Every Time!

(I know, because I used to be exactly where you are)

Back in 2004, I was sick and tired of being single. 

For years, I would (on and off) go to singles events.

For years, (on and off) I had my profile on a dating site.

I would ask friends to match me up.

I would ask family members if they knew anyone who would be good for me.

Anything that came into my awareness I would try.

Always being the determined, and pro-active one, I worked harder and harder to find love.

But guess what?  

None of it worked!



And, I was STILL WORRIED about never finding someone who was EVERYTHING I wanted.

(I wasn't about to settle)


Most of my friends were getting married.

Most were starting families of their own.

I wanted this too.


Everyone around me told me I was being too picky, but whenever I settled I was never happy.

Also, even when I tried to compromise, that never worked out either!

I was doomed.

And didn't know what to do.

I always wondered, why was it so easy for others to find "The One," but DIFFICULT for me?

Can relate to my story?

Keep reading, because I have good news -- and I share you can have success too!

Enroll in the Home Study,

"The Spiritual Way To Attract The One"®


​Payment plan available.

* For a limited time, the program includes 3 (1 hour Intuitive Heart Healing calls with The Love Guru - valued at $1,200 each)

Enroll in the Home Study,

"The Spiritual Way To Attract The One"®


​Payment plan available.

* For a limited time, the program includes 3 (1 hour Intuitive Heart Healing calls with The Love Guru - valued at $1,250 each)

The Spiritual Way To Attract The One®

Home Study Program

Fed Up and Frustrated with Being Single?

Tired of Looking for Love... and Just Want To Be with "The One?"

 The OnlyManifestationProgram You Will Ever Need To Attract "The One"