This program is by invitation only.

The first step in working with The Love Guru is to schedule an Initial Consult. This way she's able to get to know you. From there, she'll be able to suggest to you what program would be the best fit for you.

Heart Healing Program

A 3-Month Heart Healing and Manifesting Program

This Is For You, If You Want To:

* Release Anxiety, Anger, Sadness, Loneliness, Frustration, Resentment and Fear

* Learn The Lessons Your Soul is Trying to Teach You Through the Pain that You're Currently Experiencing in Your Love Life

* Open and Heal Your Heart so You Can Love Again

* Clear Mental and Emotional Blocks and 
Release Baggage and Pain

* Release Limiting Thought Patterns and 
Sabotaging Behaviors that are Creating Havoc in Your Life

* Uncover Your True Self

* Become a More Powerful, Upgraded Version of You

Overview of The Heart Healing Program:

The Heart Healing Program is a customized healing program created by The Love Guru and Spirit, specifically for you.  It is tailored to your needs and your desires, and helps you heal and learn from the love life issues you're struggling with.

Through the program, you'll learn new ways of creating healthy relationships. This program is of benefit to much more than your love life, it will help you improve your relationship with your family, with your co-workers, boss and employees, in your friendships, and much more (even if you think nothing is wrong, you'll see massive improvement on how you present yourself and relate to people in your world). You'll learn how to create relationships that are loving and that support you.  Relationships where you are being your True Self, not someone you've been raised, programmed, or expected to be.

You'll become aware of, heal, and release ways you've been sabotaging your relationships. You'll understand why you've been having the problems in your love life that you've been having, and you'll heal mental and emotional blocks and childhood wounds.

You'll discover your True Self and experience a whole new level of power, peace, control and command over your life that you've never experience before.

Each Week, You'll Receive:

1) Heart Healings 
Through the Heart Healing Program, you'll clear and heal the emotional baggage and pain that's stored in your heart.  This baggage shows up in your life in the form of sadness, loneliness, anxiety, anger, frustration, resentment and fear.  Unfortunately, instead of going into a new relationship with a clean slate, most people end up dragging a bunch of old emotions, old experiences, old upsets, and old baggage from one relationship to the next. The Heart Healing Program helps you get to the bottom of your pain, so you're able to clear it, heal it, and release it.  This way you're able to start a new relationship fresh and clean, without dragging the "gunk" you've experienced from the past.  

2) Channeled Guidance and Messages
In each session, channeled guidance and messages that are specific to you and your situation will come through.  They are direct messages from your angels, guides and other Spirit helpers to you.  You are encouraged to take notes so you can look over the guidance in between sessions as the messages come in layers.  New information will speak to you each time you read through your notes, all as a way of assisting you to open up more and more to your True Self.  The messages are healing and illuminating, bringing awareness to things you may be overlooking in your life and ways you have may be sabotaging yourself.  You'll not only receive guidance and messages about who you really are, but the information shared will help you achieve more success. 

3) Spiritual Teachings
Each week you'll learn spiritual principles, which will teach you an easier, more natural, flowing way to navigate your love life (and life). Instead of working hard and struggling, you'll learn how to attract the things you desire to you.  You'll learn how to become powerful and how to manifest with your mind.  You'll gain clarity, wisdom, and you'll achieve higher levels of awareness and consciousness. 

4)  Practical Exercises That Create Immediate Change
During each session, you'll receive channeled pro-active, practical exercises given to me from Spirit of what to do in your life right now to help you heal and manifest.  The exercises are easy, playful and fun.  They will also magically shift your circumstances.  Most are small steps, activities that you may think are no big deal, but when you apply them, things start to shift.  It's key that you complete these exercises in between each session because this is how you keep the healing and manifestation energy from your session flowing.   As a result, you'll start to feel lighter and happier.  You'll go from being stuck to moving forward with strength and confidence - and the real You will start to emerge.  

An Exciting Bonus!
Although this program focuses on your love life, as a special benefit of going through this program, you'll see how all your relationships will improve.  One relationship is connected to the next and you'll be amazed by what we uncover.  You'll learn where you've been selling yourself short in relationships.  You'll see how you've been settling or compromising (when it really wasn't necessary).  You'll uncover how you've been playing small.  How you've been shrinking to make others happy.  You'll see how you've been giving away your power.  How you've been giving into circumstances when they really aren't okay with you.  And you'll realize how you really haven't been honoring and loving yourself.

Once these unhealthy relationship patterns are uncovered, they can be cleared, healed, and removed from your life, so you never experience them again.  If they are not healed, and are left ignored, the unhealthy relationship patterns (wounding) you have will repeat from one relationship to the next.  Do all the men/women you commit to end up cheating on you?  Do you always feel lonely or rejected?  Do relationships end up always disappointing you or not fulfilling your needs?  These are just a few examples of the dysfunctional relationship patterns I am talking about.  Until looked at, healed and cleared, they repeat over and over again.

The Heart Healing Program

Clear Your Blocks, Upgrade Your Life

Specifics about What You'll Receive:

1 - Welcome Packet 

Once you sign up, you'll receive a Welcome Packet that will help you get clear on your intentions for the program. This also starts the healing and manifestation process!

2 - Weekly Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions

Private, one on one, 60 minute weekly sessions either in person (Northern NJ or Manhattan) or through Skype, where you'll clear and heal past pain, baggage, heartaches, trauma, mental and emotional blocks, false beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, anger, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, frustration and resentment.  Each week's teachings and healings build on the next so you receive long lasting change and healing of issues from the root.  Healing is the first step to manifesting, so wonderful things will start appearing in your world too.  As you change, so does your world -- easily, effortlessly and magically.

3 - Spiritual Healing Sessions (Optional)

In a month, most clients opt to have 3 weeks of Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions and alternate that with 1 week of a Spiritual Healing Session. This is totally optional and completely up to you. Spiritual Healing Sessions are distant healing where I tap into your energy body and chakras and clear the blocks, baggage and emotions that are causing you pain.  This super charges the guidance and teachings you're receiving with the Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions.  It's a great compliment to the Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions as it gives your mind a break.  Through these sessions you will heal at an energetic level, bypassing your mind and clearing your blocks from your energetic field (this increases healing and breakthroughs as well as brings instant peace and release).  It will give you a pick-me-up and extra help clearing "gunk" to help you more easily let go of the past and transition into the new.  You have the option to substitute 3 of your Intuitive Heart Healing Sessions (1 per month for the 3 months of the program) for this 60 minute session.  Every individual's needs are different and I will guide you along the way, but usually a Spiritual Healing Session is suggested to take place once a month to speed up healing and integration of your new way of being in the world.

4 - Customized Teachings

During some sessions, The Love Guru will come with specific spiritual teachings that Spirit would like her to teach you.  This will vary from one client to the next and won't be necessary for everyone.  But if you receive customized teachings, you will receive hand-outs to go through exercises and lessons that will suit what you are looking to heal and manifest.  During the week, The Love Guru prays and meditates about you. Some times Spirit guides her to create customized teachings for her clients.  If this is the case for you, you will be guided through specific teachings that will help you heal and move past your blocks.  ** This is part of The Love Guru's special gift to help you transform and shift super quick. 

5 - Weekly Prayers

Each week The Love Guru will pray for your success.  ** You won't receive this type of care and special attention from any other Matchmaker, Spiritual Teacher Or Healer.

6 - Weekly Exercises

To keep the manifestation energy building -- pulling your "One" closer and closer -- connecting him or her to you (or improving your current relationship).  These exercises are based on what you are looking to achieve through the Program.  We will discuss this when you enroll.

7 - Weekly Transformation Tracker

A weekly check in to track your progress and celebrate your successes.

8 - Celebration Ceremony

Take part in a sacred ceremony at the end of your program to celebrate your transformation.  This is a wonderful way to ground your success and focus on what's next.​

Enroll in the Program:

Participate through Phone or Skype
Your Investment:  PAY IN FULL - DISCOUNT - $15,000 
or 3 PAYMENTS of $5,500
If paying in full, 
click here to pay the $5,000 non-refundable deposit to get started. The rest of the payment will be received via check or bank transfer.

Participate In Person (Northern NJ or NYC)
Your Investment:  PAY IN FULL - DISCOUNT - $20,000 or 3 PAYMENTS of $7,400

If paying in full, click here to pay the $5,000 non-refundable deposit to get started. The rest of the payment will be received via check or bank transfer.

A Final Note:
Through this program you're given an opportunity to heal the root cause of the problems in your relationships (this includes the relationship you have with yourself) and in your life. These issues don't go away on their own and if they're not looked at, resolved, healed and cleared, they'll continue to create havoc in your life. What this means is that you'll continue to create relationships that are hurtful, upsetting, unfulfilling and unsatisfying to you.