Spiritual Healing Session is remote energy healing.

You're in your home, laying on your couch during the session time, and I'm working on your energy field (your aura) to bring you messages, clear, heal and charge your chakras and give you guidance on your way forward.

This option is good for you, if

  • You're tired from therapy and/or need a break from constantly talking about your problems.

  • You want to try something new.

  • You want to heal blocks in your love life at a faster rate.

  • You're interested in learning more about yourself, but don't have tons of time right now to focus on self development.

  • You're curious as to what kind of energy you're giving out to the world. -- and what energy, emotions and experiences are stuck in your energy field (your aura).

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Dealing with anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration,

anxiety, resentment or fear?

These emotions, left unresolved,

turn into blocks that keep you stuck.

Unhealed Painful Experiences, Heartaches, Upsets and Trauma Also Manifests As Blocks

As a society we tend to think that if something bad or upsetting happens in our life, that if we just ignore it, forget about it, don't talk about it, or just move on, that somehow it'll magically go away. 

From an energetic perspective, this couldn't be further from the truth.

That "Bad Energy" and "Bad Experience" Will Stay With You,

and Will Effect Every Area Of Your Life

Until You Have Processed It,

Learned From It,

Cleared It,

Healed It,

and Released It.  

Want To Experience Heart Healing?

Two options for you to choose from.

Both options will help you clear blocks, but the service is slightly different on how we go about clearing those blocks.

BOTH services will:

  • Help you gain awareness, clarity and a higher perspective as to what you're currently going through in your love life.
  • Clear blocks and help you open and heal your heart.
  • Help you release old thought patterns and sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck.
  • Help you clear and heal dysfunctional relationship patterns that are causing you pain.


Heart Healing is a form of emotional healing that opens and heals your heart so you can attract the love, have the relationship, and the life you desire.

This DIFFERENCE between the two is....

The Initial Intuitive Heart Healing Consultation and Assessment.

We set up a time to talk either on the phone, Skype or in person.

You share with me what's going on in your love life.  I will ask you questions and then I will share with you exactly what is blocking you in your love life (it's more than you may think, which is good, because once you know what the problem is, it's an easy fix)

I will also give you intuitive guidance, channeled messages and exercises so you can move forward.

This option is good for you, if

  • You want learn how to attract love

  • You want to learn to create (or fix) a relationship so that you experience happiness and feel fulfilled.

  • You're open to learning and take prompt action to achieve love life success.

  • You benefit from processing your thoughts and emotions with another person.

  • You want your love life to improve -- right now.

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