1. Will your service work for me?

It's human nature to be skeptical and wonder if something will work for you, plus my service is probably something new to you (it is to most people!). To help make things easier, let me ask you a few questions to help you decide what to do.

Are you curious about what you are reading on this site?

If yes... and obviously you are, since you're taking the time to read this page, that interest is a sign from your soul (and your intuition) that's guiding you forward as an answer to one (or many) of your prayers. This is the next step on your evolution.

Do you want this service to work for you? And are you open to trying something new?​

There has to be an open-mindedness and the ability to suspend judgment, even if temporarily, in order to allow yourself to try this which is probably something new. It's natural to be a little cautious when something is new in your life, but it's good to step out of your comfort zone and to allow your soul to grow.

And finally, if I can be real with you -- clearly what you're currently doing is not working since you're unhappy and looking for help or looking to try something new. So in order for you to get a different result in your love life, you're going to have to try
something new, otherwise you'll just carry on getting the same results (or rather, non-results - and unhappiness) in your love life.

Here's a testimonial from a man, who was skeptical too, possibly just like you....

"I was very skeptical about a "psychic & energy healing" especially made remotely. I purchased Blaire's "Spiritual Healing Session" and thought I'd give it a try but during the healing, I didn't feel anything (which is normal for many people actually), so I had the bad feeling that I spent my precious money for nothing. But after two days, I started to feel really deep changes in my mood and behavior. First I started to feel very tired and in a lack of energy, but soon I could unblock things that were blocked for ages. Before the session, I tended to control myself too much and was caring too much of people's opinion of me. I was in reaction to my environment. This past week, I slowly feel a big change: I feel more confident, I control myself less, and the best of all: I almost don't care of others people opinion anymore. I'm ME, I accept myself and I don't care of what people think of me. I will much more comfortable to have a random conversation with someone, or to just sit in a café surrounded by people. Of course I need to
keep working on myself too, but this psychic & energy healing is definitely a great "booster." Blaire knows what she is doing and is trustable." - Alexis, 26, Paris

2. Will I find my "One" if I work with you?

First off, I'd like to re-phrase your wording. I am not teaching you how to look for... or find your "One," I am teaching you how to work with the Universe and your own internal power so you attract "The One." This means, that by doing what I teach you in doing, "The One" will magically appear in your world.

Here's a testimonial from a woman, who took one of my group programs, and attracted love really quick after her group program with me finished... 

"Before joining Blaire's program, I was very anxious about dating and finding "the One." I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn't be doing. Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease. I KNOW I will find "
the One" and I don't have to settle for less than a perfect match for me. Each week's exercises seemed to bring out a
major realization about myself that added week to week to the transformation I have made into a much more confident happy person who is prepared for that amazing relationship!"

1 month after her program ended... ​

"I have found "The One!" Now I am going out on a limb a bit to say that ...but it's just so great I can't help it. I have never found someone I am so well matched with We have so many things in common and are so in sync on everything it's insane. We even have the same birthday! We want the same things in life (marriage, kids). AND the chemistry is unbelievable. I keep wanting
to pinch myself because it's hard for me to believe that I finally found him after all this time. I know that working with Blaire and doing the program has definitely played a part in how I attracted him. As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that it sounds like an ad or something! But it's all true!! So a big thank you, thank you, thank you to you, Blaire!!! Also, I had another incredible amazing date with him last night and we have lots of fun plans this weekend. We have so much fun together and feel so good around each other. It really is like you have said - it's easy and it just flows!" - Karen, 35, Florida (Karen married this man and they have two children!)

3. Will My Marriage Get Better (Or Be Saved) If I Work With You?
While that's an impossible question to answer, as your marriage is made up of you and your partner and you both are free-thinking, free-doing individuals that no one can control, what I can share with you is that YOU will be better. By this I mean, your emotional state and your feeling of being in control. You'll feel more relaxed, more peaceful and calm, and you'll have a knowing as to what is going on (and what you can do to control your fate). With all that said, let me ask you some questions...

Do you want to understand on a higher level, why you're having problems in your relationship? Would you like to know what you did, if anything, (and what you can change with how you think and how you behave in your relationship) so that you can have different results and more success in your love life? Would you like to know on a soul level what these problems are trying to teach you? ​I can help you with all of that.

Here's a testimonial from a woman, who was stressed out about her relationship, possibly, just like you....

"When I first contacted Blaire I was very worried that my relationship with husband had changed. He was always upset with me for little things and there always something that I did wrong. I didn’t know what to do to stop him from being angry and whatever I said to him was wrong. Also, although I would try, I could never resolve our conflicts. I didn’t like how we were and I didn't understand the changes in him and our relationship. I contacted Blaire because I wanted to do something to prevent our relationship from getting worse. What Blaire shared with me made a lot of sense. She helped me understand what was happening in my relationship and how I could alter my behaviors towards my husband to create change. I now feel calmer and more at peace. I stopped focusing so much on him and how to not make him angry or how to please him and instead, started focusing more on loving myself. Blaire's service is very good in that she gives you something specific to focus on and change within yourself. This has
brought change in my marriage. I no longer feel hurt or oppressed." - Grace, 32, Salt Lake City

4. Are Spiritual Healing Sessions Like Reiki?
Spiritual Healing Sessions go much deeper than Reiki. You'll still get your chakras read, cleared and charged and much more. Spiritual Healing Sessions are an advanced healing modality as it's purpose is to get you un-blocked in your love life. You'll still feel relaxed during your session (which is just like Reiki), but after I work on your energy body (your aura) and chakras, I will call you via phone or Skye and give you tons of details as to what channeled guidance, psychic messages, and exercises came through for you. (You're going to want to have a pen and paper handy!).

So if you would like to get un-stuck in your love life, then then Spiritual Healing Sessions are for you. Also, they are done remotely, so you can be anywhere in the world and have it from the comfort of your own home. For more details or to schedule your session, click here.

5. What Makes Your Service Better Than Working With A Traditional Matchmaker?

My service is very DIFFERENT than working with a matchmaker. Traditional matchmakers disempower you. It's a service where you're reliant on someone to find you love. But what happens if they don't find you someone? If you don't like who they found? Or if your relationship breaks apart? You'll have to go back to that matchmaker and spend money all over again.

Enter my service, "alternative" matchmaking -- I empower you. With my service, you pay once and you're done. You'll not only clear blocks and relationship baggage that's keeping you stuck, you'll also heal your sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, resentment and fear. Furthermore, you'll release old thought patterns, sabotaging behaviors, karma, co-dependency, childhood
wounds and more. And if that wasn't enough... you'll leave with the tools, techniques and know-how on how to exactly attract love to you -- in other words, you'll become magnetic to "The One!"; So compared to a traditional matchmaker, I would say you're getting much more value for your money right here, plus you're going to grow tremendously on a spiritual level, which translates into tremendous power and success in the world!

6. What Makes Your Service Better Than Working With A Therapist?

Since I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and I used to work with clients in therapy sessions and I am very familiar with how sessions work. Typically a session is built around the client doing a lot of talking and it usually ends up being a lot of complaining and wallowing in the "poor me" or "why me" stage of things. I've also noticed that people tend to stay in therapy for many years and instead of getting solutions to their problems, they end up going back to see their therapist week after week because they've made a friend (or at least, they think their therapist is their friend). They continue to be stuck and unfortunately, don't experience any significant or long lasting change.

I find that therapy is good for clients who are still very emotional about whatever is or has happened to them and the act of talking and hearing their thoughts is good for them, because they're not ready to move forward.

60% of my clients come to me after they've been in and out of therapy over a 5-10 year time span with little or no results.

Heart Healing, Not Therapy.
With my service, you get the comfort of sharing your thoughts and feelings like you would with a therapist, but the focus is on bringing higher awareness to your situation. We'll also focus on healing past wounds that are effecting your current love life and on taking spirit-guided action.

Since I am also a Psychic and Medium, I channel spiritual guidance and psychic messages directly from Spirit as to how you can pro-actively move forward in your life. I also share practical exercises that take you step by step through the journey of making your dreams come true. One session builds on the next, so you're involved every step of the way and together we create the love life of your dreams (you, me, and Spirit).

7. How Long Before I See Results?

When you schedule an Initial Consult, you'll experience shifts in the way you see yourself, your love life, and life right
away (during and after your first sessions!). Where you used to feel confused, you'll now have clarity, awareness, and a way forward. I give you greater control of your life. With that said, in order to have long lasting change and an impactful transformation, it takes ongoing guidance, heart healing, and support. The problems you're having in your love life didn't start overnight. I'll guide you on how to stop repeating the same patterns over and over and how to move forward pro-actively and powerfully in your life.

I will also share that I am not here for you to create a dependency on me. My intention is to empower you and send you on your way. So I give you the tools and the insights to create the love life (and life) of your dreams. I build you up. I support you and help you on your merry way. ​

8. When Is A Good Time To Start?​
There is no time like the present, so now is the time to get started. Problems in your love life don't disappear by themselves.  They get better when you learn a new way of attracting and being in relationship.  That's what I teach you!

Experience More Peace, Happiness, and Success Not Only In Your Love Life,

But Within Your WHOLE LIFE.

Upgrade Your Life.

Become a Better Version of You.

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