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You'll Never Look at a Breakup The Same Way Again.

Instead of Being Hurt and Feeling Destroyed By The Experience,

You'll Feel Empowered.

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Hi there!  I’m Blaire, and I'm known as The Love Guru.

I know how it feels to be where you are. I’ve felt the pain of a breakup - many breakups - time and time again.

I thought that the only way I could feel after a breakup was lonely, upset, and confused. I wondered how I could pull myself out of my misery and be happy again – it seemed impossible!

I knew I was wasting energy and wasting time by feeling so miserable, and I wanted to know how I could heal quickly - and move on even faster. I didn't want to waste time on these breakups anymore.

I wanted to know how I could stop going blindly from one relationship to the next without getting what I wanted.

I knew I had to find a better (and healthier) way to recover from a breakup.

What I discovered is amazing! I’ve used it again and again for my clients and myself with incredible, life changing results. It will work for you too.

Are You Ready To Stop Hurting and Start Healing?

Learn How To Transform the Pain of Your Breakup.

"Embracing A Breakup" is filled with proven techniques and exercises to get you through the pain and loneliness – fast!

It can happen.

You can use this breakup as a stepping stone to bring you closer to your dreams than ever before.
I'll show you how!

See, I was looking at breaking up the wrong way.

I was stuck in the pain - and unable to see the gift I’d been given.

At the time, I wasn't realizing how the breakup I was going through was propelling me closer to the man of my dreams.

That's what I'm sharing with you in this program.

How to Embrace Your Breakup,

How to Tap into Your Higher Self,

and How to Transform Your Pain Into Power.

Are You Ready to Recover Rapidly 
and Start Healing Right Now?

"Embracing a Breakup"

Breaking up sucks, but it doesn’t have to be as painful as you think!

Are You Experiencing Pain, Anger, Sadness

and Regret From Your Recent Breakup? 

Do you try to let it go, but find yourself thinking about your ex - A LOT!

Crying too much and wondering endlessly what went wrong?

Hey, it sucks! We've all been there. 

Whether you did the breaking up or were broken up with - we’ve all been left with a broken heart picking up the pieces after a failed relationship.

Wondering where you went wrong and if you could’ve done something different or better.

Trying to nurse your heart out of misery but feeling like you're getting nowhere.

Reliving the good times and bad.

Feeling lonely.

Not sure what to do.

You Don’t Have to Keep Feeling Sad, Lonely, Upset, and Depressed.

I'll Help You Find Comfort, Insight and Peace 
Right Now.


"What I Learned Was Very Freeing and Helpful!"

"I really enjoyed the CD program. I completed it and am going back through it again.

What I learned was very freeing and helpful. Thank you!”

- Erin, 30, Seattle


"After A Week... I Really Started To Feel Better"

“After a recent breakup I felt lost and unsure about everything. I was miserable. A friend who had used some of Blaire’s other products told me about “Embracing A Breakup". I bought it and listened right away. I started to do the exercises and after a week or two I really started to feel better. I recovered from the breakup and am ready for my next relationship. I feel ready for a better relationship too.”
- Kathy, 40-something, Baltimore


"I Bounced Back From a Horrible Breakup Better Than I Ever Did Before"

“I highly recommend “”Embracing A Breakup”. I was full of pain and sadness after a really bad breakup with my boyfriend who I thought I would marry. I tried so hard but for some reason I couldn’t let go. I read a few self help books but nothing seemed to help. I came across Blaire’s stuff on a web search and saw this CD. I tried it and loved it. The CD and guidebook gave me real stuff to do every day to help me keep my mind occupied (so I wasn't thinking of my ex). It helped me work through my pain and stop feeling so lonely. I bounced back from this horrible breakup better than I ever did before. Thanks Blaire.” - Raina, late 30s, New York City


I will teach you the tools and techniques to use your failed relationship(s) as a way to heal -- and get ready for a really great, lasting relationship. 

The unique techniques and information shared in this program are the best exercises I have found from from years of study with spiritual teachers and healers, as well as real-life trial and error that will help you heal.

Are you…

  • Beating yourself up, wondering what you did wrong or what you could’ve done differently?

  • Taking excruciating, painful trips down memory lane day after day?

  • Annoyed and haunted by thoughts about your ex and the relationship?

  • Holding back tears at work, in public, only to run into the bathroom and break down?

  • Questioning over and over "if only…" scenarios

  • Stuck, unable to let go and move on with life?

  • Feeling like you should just give up.

  • Wondering if you'll ever meet that perfect man... and if he even exists?

If you can relate... this program is for you.

Don’t Worry, Help is Here!


Here's What The Embracing a Breakup Program Will Teach You:

  • How to handle even the worst breakups with grace and dignity.

  • Ways to embrace your emotions – good and bad. You’ll no longer be controlled and exhausted by your emotions. They’ll be your guide on your journey to discover true love and happiness.

  • Proven Techniques to reclaim your power.

  • How to manifest your power and energy to get what you want.

  • Ways to unblock your clogged channels and get in tune with your intuition.

  • How to stop moving blindly from one relationship to the next, not really knowing (or getting) what you want.

  • To enjoy the flow of life and to stop fighting it.

  • How you can get out of your own way on your journey to love and happiness.

  • To trust and follow the plan the universe has created just for you.

  • Discover what you really want and need in a partner.

  • Tap into the powers of the universe to reach your dreams.

How What You'll Get:

1)  Two 40 Minute MP3 Audios - Instant Download

These audios are available for instant download. You'll get the download link the minute you click "purchase" - and yes, even if it's 1am in the morning!

These audios are interactive & listener friendly. I'll be personally guiding you through all the powerful exercises and techniques, and share lots of additional information for you on how to get over your ex and heal your heart. 

I want to re-iterate that this is interactive, so you will want to listen to this audio when you can have your notepad and pen to take notes (along with the guidebook) to work through the exercises.

This is not a passive program.

You will be DOING exercises that I share with you over a period of days/weeks/months -- and by doing these exercises -- that's how you'll heal your pain and be able to successfully move through a breakup.

2) A 10-Page "Putting It Into Action" Exercise Guidebook - with 7 Healing Exercises That Will Release Your Pain, Get You Moving Forward Positively, and More So, Give You The Ability To See What Gifts Your Ex Gave You!

This is 10 pages of power packed exercises to heal your heart and get you moving forward again. This is not a book that you will be reading, it's a book filled with exercises that you will be doing.  This program is active with exercises for you to do.

The exercises will give you awareness that cause you to learn and grow from your relationship -- and heal your heart. Block out 20-60 minutes each night for a few days/weeks to work on these exercises and go deeper into learning about yourself.

3)  Bonus: One Hour Audio, "Feeling Out Of Control In Your Love Life"

I've also included in this program as a bonus a recording from a radio show that I used to do (which is no longer available to the public), where you will get even more spiritual teachings and tips on how to heal from a breakup, navigate the dating scene, and attract "The One."

Listen to the callers' problems (see how you can relate to their situation to yours) and listen to the guidance I gave them and see how you can apply it to your love life. I also teach on the topic: Feeling Out of Control in Your Love Life.