Can You Relate To Any Of These Statements...?   

  • You love your partner -- but want a deeper, more intimate relationship.
  • You used to be captivated by your partner -- and they were by you -- but now all you do is fight or avoid one another.
  • You find yourself being annoyed by your partner.  And have very little patience...
  • You try to get closer to your partner -- you work hard on your relationship -- but permanent change doesn't happen.

If You're Like Most People In Our Society,

You Were NEVER Taught How To Create A Conscious Partnership.
You were never taught how to create a relationship that gets closer and filled with more love as time goes by.  Most likely, you were never guided how to have a healthy relationship.  When you were single, all emphasis was on finding love.  But when you are in a relationship, the emphasis must be on HOW TO MAINTAIN and DEEPEN YOUR RELATIONSHIP to yourself and your partner.

Whether You Are STRESSED OUT By Your Relationship
And Desperate For It To Get Better...
HAPPY In Your Relationship
-- This Program Is For You!

The Couples Intimacy Program

30 Weeks Of Exercises To Bring You And Your Partner Closer

(OVER 7 Months Of Connection Techniques!)

Here's What You Get:

  • Access to self growth related activities for you to do with your partner.  
  • Grab your partner and your pen and journal and set aside a special time each week to focus on you -- you as a person, you as a partner, and you as a couple. 
  • Do 1-2 exercises a week and watch how your connection grows.  
  • You'll go deeper into understanding and discovering yourself.
  • You'll also go deeper into understanding and loving your partner.
  • The same will happen for them!
  • They'll understand and discover themselves more -- and they'll go deeper into understanding and loving YOU!

Please Note:  If your partner is not into this activity or drops out of the Program you can continue the exercises and shift the relationship yourself.  This is not guaranteeing that your relationship will get deeper or closer (although it definitely can), what I'm saying here is that as a result you will have a better understanding of yourself-- which in the end benefits EVERY relationship in your life.


You'll Learn Proven Exercises And Techniques That Will GROW YOUR LOVE

Here's The Results You'll Experience....

  • Build greater intimacy with your partner!
  • Get to know one another better.
  • You'll receive tools and techniques to build a conscious relationship -- one that becomes more radiant and more loving as time goes by.
  • Go deeper into the knowing of yourself -- how you want your relationship to be, how to mold your relationship to meet all your needs, what's important to you, how you want to be.
  • Build a solid foundation and deep love.

No More Settling In A Relationship That Doesn't

No More Being BORED With Your Relationship,
Wondering... "Is This As Good As It Gets?"

Yes!  Sign me up! $550

Once you sign up, you'll receive access to the program within 24-48 hours (Monday-Friday)​.  Your access to the material will expire in 1 year of date you get access.

But, I Have To Let You Know...  
These are hands-on exercises.  Some will require you to think and journal.  Some will be very intimate and possibly, emotionally.  Some will be sexual. Are you ready for it?  Once you learn these exercises -- which it's suggested you turn some of them into daily or weekly rituals to do with your partner -- your relationship will go to a deeper level in love and intimacy.

This Program is all about APPLICATION.  That means, you will have to do the exercises to get the results.  If you don't do the exercises, then don't expect your relationship to get any better.  If you are both on board, do the exercises on a regular basis, your relationship has the opportunity to become OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Are You Ready To Be In The BEST RELATIONSHIP Of Your Life?


When You Do The Exercises In This Program, You Will Be A Beacon Of Light.

Inspiring Others And Showing Them The Beauty Of A
Conscious, Deeply Loving Partnership That Becomes More Radiant With Each Passing Day.

PS:  If You Figure It Out, The Cost Of This Program and The Investment in Your Relationship -- COMES TO LESS THAN $.40 A DAY!
Wouldn't less than .40 cents a day be worth it to possibly save your relationship?
If your relationship is currently not so good....
If you're struggling and having problems....
Not seeing eye to eye... and all of this is concerning you...
If you're afraid things may get worse, then the small investment in this program is a MUST!
Don't you think?
And forget therapy, all that does is create more chaos by digging up more disappointment and heartache. 
Join this Program now and start doing exercises with one another that will strengthen your love and bring you more clarity -- about one another and yourself! 

PSS:  Want Personal Attention?
Whenever you are working this program and want expert guidance, healing and advice, The Love Guru is available for you.
I am trained as a Marriage and Family Therapist and have experience working with couples and families who are in dire straits.
It's a known fact -- the longer there is an unresolved problem in a relationship, the worse that relationship will get.  Once the relationship hits its tipping point, there is no turning back.  I know this from my own marriage.  When my husband and I were having problems (we're divorced now) I was in graduate school training to become a Marriage and Family Therapist, so I was trying to use the therapy techniques to make our relationship better and all it did was frustrate me more and make our marriage worse.  

If I had focused solely on fixing our relationship from a heart level and spiritual perspective and worked with a Spiritual Teacher and Healer like myself, I would have done things differently and could have possibly saved our relationship.  Don't let your relationship continue down a dead-end path and then live a life of regret... wondering what would have happened if you had gotten expert guidance, healing and advice like I am offering you here.  If you'd like to become one of my private clients, the first step would be to sign up for an Intuitive Heart Healing Session.  Initial sessions are $1,200 (Skype) and $1,500 (In Person) and from there, if we're a match you'll be invited to enroll in a Couples Intensive ($8,000 and up) or 3 month personalized program ($25,000 and up).


Once you place your order, you’ll get access to the Program which contains The Love Guru's proprietary material, because of this, refunds are not offered and your order is non-refundable.  If you have any questions about the program or this policy, please contact us before you proceed with your order. ​


Home Study Program

Do You Want Your Relationship To GROW DEEPER In Love 
Rather Than Eventually Fall Apart?

Let Me Show You How To Create A Relationship That Gets STRONGER
A Relationship Where You Become

Filled With DEEPER LOVE For Your Partner