Books That Will Raise Your Consciousness And Expand Your Mind.

Once you read them, you'll never look at life the same again.

The Love Guru's books document her spiritual journey over a 12 year period.  Her books are "healing" books, meaning that they are encoded with energy and wisdom that awakens, heals and helps you shift and change.  All this simply by the act of reading them and thinking about them.  If you would like to take the teachings and healing further, it's suggested that you journal about your thoughts and feelings, as well as the experiences that are sparked while you are reading her books.  Enjoy the books and enjoy the expansion of your consciousness.  We are glad you're here.

Discover Who You Are And Why You're Really Here

Discover An Easier Way To Find Love


"THIS is the book Love Guru fans have been waiting for!
A must read for anyone interested in spiritual development and sacred sexuality. Highly erotic, inspiring, and healing!"

"I loved your book!  I rushed home from work each day I couldn't wait to read it.

I read it in two days.  I couldn't put it down.  It was addicting!"
- Marta, Switzerland

"Thank you Blaire and peace to you.  I can't put the book happy I won it.  
God has a great plan for all of us; thanks for confirming that and sharing your beautiful soul with us"

- Sincerely, Dolores
PS:  I'm already on page 130!

"Hi Blaire, I am done with your book!   I read it cover to cover in under 3 days flat.  I was HOOKED!!!

Your writing is so authentic, witty, and easy to relate to!  Thanks!"

- Karyn

Do You Know My Husband?®

The Unexpected Journey Of How The Love Guru Found "The One"

This is the story of how Blaire went from working hard at finding love by searching online and attending singles events to learning how to partner with the Universe to easily and effortlessly attract "The One" to her.  This is also the story of how Blaire became the Love Guru.

The information shared in this book will give you a whole new way of looking at finding love.  You will no longer feel the need to waste your time going out in search of it, when you when you learn from The Love Guru how to easily and effortlessly - magnetically - draw it to you.  

The book contains approximately 40 additional pages which are dedicated to dating and relationship Q&A where The Love Guru helps readers apply the principles she teaches to their own lives.

Purchase the book - ship within US - $33 + shipping

Purchase the book - ship outside the US - $33 + shipping​​

How Aliens Put Me Into Power

The 1st Installment:  The Reconnection

The story of how The Love Guru connected with her star family, which are high vibration Reptilian aliens from Sirius.  How they helped her release victim consciousness and how they put her into power.  Please note: this book contains sexuality.  If you are not comfortable with sexual energy and sexual encounters, then this book is not for you.

This book also contains higher vibrational activations and transmissions.  This book will expand your consciousness and activate you.  It will introduce you to another world you once knew.

Read a sample of the book

Purchase the book + exclusive videos - ship within the US - $55 + shipping

Purchase the book + exclusive videos - ship outside the US - $55 + shipping

* Your purchase of this book includes access to 10 exclusive online videos which The Love Guru recorded when she was first having this experience.  The footage is real, raw, insightful and life changing.  Once you get access to this material, you'll never look at life the same again.