A 3-Month Manifestation Program To Attract "The One"

​This Is  For You, If You:

* Want to Attract "The One" and Get Married (or Into a Long Term Relationship)

* Are Tired of Work Hard and Struggling in Your Pursuit For Love and Want An Easier Way...

* Want To Feel In Control of Your Love Life

* Want To Learn How To Partner with The Universe To Easily, Effortlessly, and Naturally Attract "The One"

* Want To Enjoy The Process of Dating and Attracting "The One" (rather than feeling overwhelmed, bored, frustrated or annoyed)

Overview of The Attract The One Accelerator:

Each week, for a period of 3 months, we'll meet through Skype, phone or in person and I will guide you through "The Spiritual Way To Attract The One®." This is a program where you will learn how to partner with The Universe to easily, effortlessly and naturally attract "The One" to you, rather than ever again having to go out and look for love. You'll become magnetic - so love will easily be drawn to you.

Every week, you'll learn spiritual principles on how to work with The Universe to achieve more success, and you'll be guided through the exact steps to take that will create shifts in your world. Each week's spiritual lessons and practical exercises will build upon the next, so the manifestation energy will build and build, causing you to see real-life results. And as potential "Ones" appear in your world, you'll learn how to navigate the world of dating from a new and enlightened perspective, rather than what mainstream society teaches us, which is based in fear. As a result, you'll be happier, you'll have more success, and you'll attract loving and magical experiences everywhere you go.

I am your partner throughout this process. I will be with you every step of the way - rooting you on, praying for you, guiding you, teaching you, and helping you heal anything that's standing in the way. I will also share my energy towards your goal of attracting "The One." There's great power when someone else puts energy towards your success, and I am here for you.

Be As Picky As You'd Like.
This is not about settling or changing anything about your desires.

You're allowed and even encouraged to go for your ideal mate and you'll learn how to get everything you desire.

Say Goodbye To Feeling Out Of Control In Your Love Life.
This program is about empowering you. Sure, of course, it's about you attract "The One" but it's much bigger than that. This is about you learning how to be in control of your love life.  Most people feel out of control when it comes to finding love. Instead of feeling like they have the power to make this happen themselves, singles tend to go back and forth between feeling totally confused, to signing up for online dating sites, to making visits to traditional matchmakers, to asking friends to match them up, to totally giving up. You can say goodbye to all of this, as it's not necessary, when you have the tools and techniques - and more so, the know-how - on how to be in control of your love life. Once you have these tools, you are set free. You'll realize that all you ever need if yourself, your knowledge of how to use the tools, and your connection to Spirit/The Universe. You'll be able to make your dreams come true and that translates into power and control. 

Never Be Reliant On Anyone Or Anything Ever Again To Find You Love!
This is related to the point we just covered above. I am here to empower you every step of the way. This program is a one-and-it's done solution. Typically when you work with a traditional matchmaker, and say you break up with the person you thought (or the matchmaker thought) was so perfect for you, you end up having to go back to them to find you a new match. That way of being is totally unnecessary! With this program, once you complete it, you'll have the knowledge and you'll know the exact steps of how to attract "The One."  This is information that you keep with you forever.  That means, in the event that something doesn't work out with you and your "One" (hey, things happen!), you just go back to the steps I taught you and you'll attract a new "One" to you all over again.  This also means, that you will no longer have to ever again make an investment towards your pursuit of attracting "The One" ever again.  This program is better than investing in working with a traditional matchmaker, because this program develops you as a person. It teaches you powerful manifestation techniques and you'll receive guidance and support every step of the way of how to apply it into your life to get results.

Specifics about What You'll Receive:

1 - Welcome Packet 
Once you sign up, you'll receive a Welcome Packet that will help you get clear on your intentions for the program. This also starts the manifestation process!

2 - Love Attracting Sessions - Step By Step "Attract The One" Teachings
You'll learn how to become crystal clear on the type of man and relationship you're seeking, along with many other spiritual teachings so you can manifest "The One" into your life. Each session builds on the next so the manifestation energy keeps increasing to bring you success. 

3 - Heart Healing
If during your program, things that are blocking you from attracting love come up, I will work with you to clear these things. And these mental and emotional blocks are bound to come up, as it's natural when you have been single for some time or have had relationship issues in the past. Heart Healing is used to clear and heal past pain, baggage, heartaches, trauma, mental and emotional blocks, false beliefs, sabotaging behaviors, karma, childhood wounds, anger, sadness, anxiety, loneliness, frustration and resentment.  Heart healing is key to manifest what you desire in life.

4 - Channeled Guidance and Messages
Although it's not the main focus of this program, like it is with
The Heart Healing Program, but each week as situations arise, you'll receive channeled guidance and messages that are specific to you and your situation.  They are direct messages from your angels, guides and other Spirit helpers to you.

5 - Weekly Prayers
Each week I will pray for your success.  ** You won't receive this type of care and special attention from any other Matchmaker, Spiritual Teacher Or Healer.

6 - Weekly Exercises
​In between sessions, you're given practical exercises to keep the manifestation energy building. This draws "The One" closer and closer to you, and is key part in the process of attracting "The One" and achieving success in making your dreams come true.


7 - Weekly Transformation Tracker
A weekly check in to track your progress and celebrate your successes. This is key because you will experience a lot of successes throughout this program. The transformation tracker is how you'll remember how far you've come and how much success you've had, because as you progress, your egoic mind will kick in and start to play games with you. It will try to pull you back and keep you stuck when you start progressing and achieving success.

8 - Celebration Ceremony
A 45-minute sacred ceremony at the end of your program that will honor and celebrate your transformation.  This is also how we will ground your current success and re-focus your energy as to what's next to manifest. 

Enroll in the Program:

Participate through Phone or Skype
Your Investment:  PAY IN FULL - DISCOUNT - $15,000 
or 3 PAYMENTS of $5,500
If paying in full, 
click here to pay the $5,000 non-refundable deposit to get started. The rest of the payment will be received via check or bank transfer.

Participate In Person (Northern NJ or NYC)
Your Investment:  PAY IN FULL - DISCOUNT - $20,000 or 3 PAYMENTS of $7,400

If paying in full, click here to pay the $5,000 non-refundable deposit to get started. The rest of the payment will be received via check or bank transfer.

A Final Note:
Through this program you'll learn how to be the master of your love life. I consider this elite information as most of society will never get ahold of it. It's for the select few who choose to break out of society's programming of how we've been taught on how one is "supposed" to find "The One". This is for those who are ready, willing, and eager to "find" love in a new and easier way. This program teaches you how to be in control of your love life. It teaches you how to partner with the Universe, how to use your energy and master your mind so you become the master of your world.

Attract The One Accelerator

This program is by invitation only.

The first step in working with The Love Guru is to schedule an Initial Consult. This way she's able to get to know you. From there, she'll be able to suggest to you what program would be the best fit for you.