This Program Is By Invite Only.

I give personal attention to all of my clients.  I care about you and your success and I'm rooting for you.  Healing and manifesting is a unique, special and magical experience, one which goes beyond the scope of our weekly sessions.  When I work with you, I spend my time, energy and prayers in assisting you. Our connection remains when we get off the phone and in between sessions.  Energetically, I am still working with you.  Therefore I am very selective with whom I offer my services to and only take on a small number of private clients at any given time.  Because of this, if you are interested in this program and in working with me, the first step would be to Schedule A Love Attracting Session


For Single Men And Women Who've Experienced Success In Their Career,

and Now Want To Master Their Love Life

3 or 5 Month Love Manifestation Program

Work Privately With The Love Guru

​​​​​​You're Attractive, Successful, and Powerful.
Meeting men or women is not the problem.
Neither is being asked out.
There are plenty of people who would like to be with you.  
That's not the problem either.

The Issue Is Finding A Man Or Woman You Truly Desire.
A man or woman who you really want to be with.  
One who can match you.
A partner who is as POWERFUL as you.
As DRIVEN as you.
As FUN LOVING as you.
As SEXY as you.
A man or woman who's as SUCCESSFUL as you.
You want to find your match.

You've Been Alone For Way Way Too Long.
You want to share your life with someone.
You want to be in love.
You want to be with your "One" 

Program Overview:

  • We meet weekly through Skype, phone or in person for a 3-5 month period, depending on if you are seeking healing work, love attraction teachings or both.
  • During each session, we'll talk about your love life and I'll share with you specific steps (that build on one another) for you to attract "The One" 
  • You'll receive channeled guidance, heart healings, and you'll learn about how to partner with The Universe to easily and effortlessly attract love to you.
  • You'll also receive exercises each week for you to complete during the week.  This keeps the manifestation energy building, so you attract "The One."

I am your partner throughout the process. I will be here each week rooting for you, praying for you, guiding you, teaching you, sharing my energy to help you manifest love and helping you heal your heart and any baggage or blocks.  Anything that may be blocking you or stopping you from attracting love will be cleared.  If you are carrying pain or heartache from past relationships, or outworn beliefs, or doing any sabotaging behaviors that is preventing you from getting into a loving relationship, we'll talk about it, heal the imbalance and it'll be cleared.

This Program Is An Invitation To You... 
1) To Finally Attract "The One" and Get Married.

2) Clear Blocks That Are Preventing You From Attracting Love

Be As Picky As You'd Like.

You'll learn how to get everything you desire in a partner, relationship and in life.


 Say Goodbye To Feeling Out Of Control In Your Love Life.

You'll Never Be Reliant On Anyone Or Anything Ever Again To Find You Love!
I empower you every step of the way.  Once you complete this program, you'll have the knowledge and the exact steps of how to attract "The One."  That's information that you keep with you forever.  That means, in the event that something doesn't work out with you and your "One" (hey, things happen!), you'll just go back to the steps I taught you and you'll attract "The One" to you all over again.  The Universe is unlimited and will always supply a new partner for you.  This also means, that you will no longer have to make an investment in attracting love into your life ever again.  This is also why this program -- which is a program that develops you -- is a better investment than in paying for a dating service or matchmaker.  You're paying for knowledge, manifestation techniques, and support.  You never have to ask friends to match you up ever again.  You never have to think of signing up for a dating website or dating app.  And you'll never have to pay for a dating service or a matchmaker ever again.  All these methods become completely useless to you because you will have the tools and the know-how within you.  Having that power over your love life is priceless.  



This is a program for those who are clear from the past and ready to learn the exact steps on how to attract "The One."  You're tired of working hard to find love and you want to learn how to draw it easily and effortlessly to you.  During this program, you'll receive manifestation techniques, mindset shifts, heart healings, and exercises. 

This program includes: 

1 - WELCOME PACKET.  To get clear on your intentions for the program and start the healing and attraction process.

2 - WEEKLY "LOVE ATTRACTING" SESSIONS. Private, one on one, 60 minute weekly sessions where you'll learn the exact steps to take to attract "The One."  Each week's lesson builds on the next so you learn how to stir up the manifestation energy in order to attract love to you easily, effortlessly and magically.

3 - CUSTOMIZED TEACHINGS.  During some sessions, The Love Guru will come with specific spiritual love/relationship teachings that Spirit would like her to teach you.  You will receive hand-outs to go through exercises and lessons that will help you heal and manifest.  These are created by The Love Guru through the instruction and guidance of Spirit.  You will be guided through specific teachings that will help you heal and move past your blocks.  ** This is part of The Love Guru's special gift to help you transform and shift super quick. 

4 - HEART HEALINGS.  Each week you'll receive heart healings to clear whatever emotional or mental blocks may be in the way of you meeting "The One."  Changes and transformations happen immediately.  I see it with my clients EVERY TIME. 

5 - WEEKLY PRAYERS. Each week I pray for your success.  ** You won't receive this type of care and special attention from any other Matchmaker, Spiritual Teacher Or Healer.

6 - WEEKLY EXERCISES to keep the manifestation energy building -- pulling your "One" closer and closer -- connecting him or her to you.  

7 - WEEKLY TRANSFORMATION TRACKER.  A weekly check in to track your progress and celebrate your successes.

8 - CELEBRATION CEREMONY.  Take part in a 30 minute sacred ceremony at the end of your program to celebrate your transformation from "single and lonely" to "soon to be married."  This is a wonderful way to ground your success.

Participate In The 3 Month Program -- Through Phone Or Skype

Your Investment - $20,000 - Click here to pay the $5,000 depositand get started.

The remaining balance will be received via check or wire transfer.

OR 3 Payments of $7,500

Participate In The 3 Month Program -- In Person (Northern NJ or Manhattan)

Your Investment - $25,000 - Click here to pay the $5,000 deposit and get started.

The remaining balance will be received via check or wire transfer.

OR 3 Payments of $9,500


This program is for those who have baggage, blocks, and/or pain from the past to heal.  This is not a "bad" thing and in reality most people need to do healing work before they can attract love into their life.  Let me give you this example.  In our society, most singles will buy themselves new clothes to make sure they look good when they want to attract love.  They may get a haircut, get their nails done (if they're a woman), maybe get their teeth whitened, maybe go to the gym.  Notice how this is all external stuff?  But what about the internal preparation?  Most singles don't do that -- and that's the reason why most singles struggle to find love, as well as to create a lasting relationship.

So this is the package where most people start.  Healing work.  Then once you are all clean and clear on the inside, I'll guide you in learning the attraction steps on how to draw a partner to you.  Please note:  If you attract love to you, when you are still carrying pain in your heart, you'll attract a person who is carrying baggage too, which is not a formula for love life success!

This program includes 2-3 months of heart healing work, plus all the "love attracting" services posted in THE 3 MONTH PROGRAM above.  If you have any questions about this package, then please give me a call 917-979-3177 and we'll take some time to discuss.

Participate In The 5 Month Program -- Through Phone Or Skype
Your Investment:  $35,000 -
Click here to pay the $5,000 deposit and get started.

The remaining balance will be received via check or wire transfer

Or 5 Payments of $8,050

Participate In The 5 Month Program -- In Person (Northern NJ or Manhattan)
Your Investment:  $40,000 -
Click here to pay the $5,000 deposit and get started.

The remaining balance will be received via check or wire transfer.

OR 5 Payments of $9,200