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How To Ask For What You Want, Need, or Wonder About In A Relationship

Are You AFRAID of Bringing Up Certain Questions or Topics To The Guy You're Seeing

Because You WORRY It May Be TOO SOON...

And Don't Want To Come Across As NEEDY or PUSHY?


Do you analyze your conversations with "him" over and over again?

It's easy to get wrapped up in your thoughts when you have no clue what the guy is thinking. 


Stop wondering... if he's interested in having a relationship with you.

If he considers you his girlfriend.

When you're going to see him again.

When he'll call.

Where your relationship is going.

If he's dating anyone else.

If he's interested in getting closer.

If your relationship is heading towards marriage.


Stop feeling...

Anxious when you start dating a new guy.

Worrying when you get into a relationship that he'll leave you or you'll push him away.

Scared that you're going to "screw up" the relationship.

Afraid to share what's on your mind.  Frustrated with not knowing where you stand. 


It's Time You Feel Empowered and Comfortable In A Relationship.



1 Hour MP3 plus "Putting It To Action" Guide that will teach you how to create intimacy between the guy you're dating or interested in. 

You'll learn how to really get to know him, how to truly have a heart to heart, so you grow closer, develop a relationship, become intimate, and share your happiness.

If in this time of intimacy you find out that you don't want the same things as one another, you can move on and find a guy who does want the same as you.

You'll be guided through 5 key steps on how to take back your power. Exactly how to get rid of the anxiety and fear that comes up when you think about bringing up sensitive subjects ...and most importantly, this audio will teach you how to finally get what you want in a relationship!

  • All Material is Channeled.  Blaire is Intuitive and communicates with the Spiritual Realm.
  • The download links for these products will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase (Monday-Friday)


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(And Never Feel Insecure About This Issue Again!)