Get Quick Insightful Guidance For What You're Currently Going Through

This Is Much More Than "Just" Psychic Advice

* You'll get a bigger picture (higher consciousness way) of looking at what you're currently going through 

* You'll get a read of your energy and where you're currently blocking yourself in the way you're looking at your life/problem/situation 

* You'll get healing through reading the advice I channel for you 

* You'll get a practical exercise (or two... or three... or four!) with what you can do to bring more love, peace and happiness into your life. 

* You'll become more empowered in your life. 

* This is multidimensional guidance, healing and advice and the information I share with you is meant to be read several times over the upcoming days and weeks, as new information will stick out to you and take you to another level of awareness and being.

This Is The Way My Gift Works:

  1. I'm able to read the energy of what you're currently going through 

  2. Since I'm a Spiritual Teacher, I'm also able to teach you spiritual principles to get what you want (or what would be the higher path to take to greater consciousness and awareness) 

  3. I channel psychic messages that are specific to you and your situation 
  4. And (as if that wasn't enough!) exercises come through! (that will give you clarity and take you to that higher level of being)

Click here to read a sample - like this?  easier to write up

or like this - takes longer, much longer but greater value although maybe too much like regular session

Ask The Love Guru Your Question

Only $150

Once You Purchase, Here's What To Email Me: 

Email me 1 psychic question about anything in your life. 
Feel free to include some details (not a lot).

I'll tap into the person/place/situation, read the energy, email you what I'm picking up (usually several paragraphs of details, psychic messages and channeled guidance), then I'll include a practical exercise or two (or three or four!) of what you can do to proactively create your life

This is for guidance to see the bigger picture of what you are going through. Guidance and an exercise thats brings you higher consciousness. So with that said, ask your question wisely.

For example, a question like, "What does my future hold?" Is too broad and vague and what your future holds is up to you, as we create our lives by our thoughts and by our action and by our unhealed karma and baggage.

A better question would be, something related to having trouble in your relationship or not being able to find a man/woman and what you could do to better open yourself up to learning the lessons you're currently going through or maybe ask what lessons you're learning... something along those lines. I can answer questions related to your money, your career, your family and your health too. This is not your traditional psychic advice like "when will I get married or have a boyfriend/girlfriend" as those questions don't serve to help you grow. They are prediction questions and I don't predict your future, I help you create it!

Quick turnaround. 
Most questions are answered via email within just a few hours.

Disclaimer: ​​
The Love Guru reserves the right to use your question and the Love Guru's answer for future lecture, teaching, marketing materials, and further other goods/services provided by The Love Guru, without compensation to you. Your name will be changed if your question is used.