Heart Healing Is a Healing Modality That Opens And Heals Your Heart
So You Can Attract The Love , Have The Relationship, And The Life You Desire.

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Heart Healing Is A Gift I Was Born With And A Healing Modality That I Have Developed Since 1999.
Heart healing is a form of emotional healing.
I'm able to clear and heal emotions you have stored in your heart.
Anger, sadness, loneliness, frustration, anxiety, resentment and fear turns into a block that happens in your life.
This blocked energy prevents you from making your dreams come true.

Emotions And Painful Experiences Get Stored In Your Body.  Then They Manifest In Your Life As Blocks.

Most people have old traumas, upsets, heartaches stored in their heart.

As a society we tend to think that if a bad situation happens that if we just ignore it or forget about it that it will just go away.

From an energetic perspective, this is not what happens.

That "bad energy" and "bad experience" will stay with you and effect every area of your life until you have processed it, learned from it, cleared it and released it.  This is what I help you do.

I help people release old emotions, memories and blockages so they can come to

a place of peace, happiness, enlightenment, and success.  

Never Repeat The Same Frustrating Relationship Pattern Or Have The Same Painful Experience Again.

Heart healing is a deeper and more accelerated form of self growth.
Whereas self growth and therapy happen at the level of the mind, heart healing happens from your heart and soul.
Because of this, heart healing is long term as it happens at the root and your core.
When I work with you, and if you look at us from a surface level, it looks like we are "just" having a conversation.  
But in reality, I am helping you heal on many layers unseen to your physical eyes.
I work with energy and Spirit guides my work. 
During sessions, you will have shifts in the way you think, and when you leave, you will start to see the world in a light.

You will approach people and problems in your life in a new way.

You will become an empowered version of you.
You will become "You, 2.0."

Layers of your false self will be released
you will become more of your True Self.

Heart Healing, Not Therapy.

Typically, people stay in therapy for many years.  Instead of getting solutions to their problems, they end up going back to see their therapist week after week because they've made a friend.  They continue to be stuck and they continue to get nowhere.

60% of my clients come to me after they've been in and out of therapy

over a 5-10 year time span with little or no results.

I am not here for you to create a dependency on me.

I am here to give you the tools and the insight to create the love life (and life) of your dreams.
I am here to build you up.  
I am here to move you forward.
I am here to help you heal, to bring you clarity, and then to assist you in powerfully moving forward towards your dreams.
I am here to empower you in your life.

Clients Have Cleared Issues Within 3 Months That They've Been Struggling With For 20 Years Or More.
Think about the problem you're currently having in your love life.

Whether it's having trouble finding love, having issues maintaining a relationship, whether the people you attract can't or won't commit, play games, cheat on you, are controlling, or if you have trouble trusting, struggle from insecurity or have an issue with settling...

The problems in your love life didn't appear over night.

They've developed over many years.

And that means, they will take some guidance and support to get them right.​

When Is A Good Time To Start Doing Heart Healing?
Everyone has their own reasons for starting on this path, but the common theme is that everyone who comes to me is sick and tired of being stuck, angry, sad confused, or frustrated with one or many areas of their life.

They're fed up with experiencing the same patterns and pain in their life.

Heart Healing Will Help You Experience More Happiness, Peace And Success
Not Only In Your Relationships -- But Within YOUR WHOLE LIFE.