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Fed Up And Frustrated With Your Life?

Feeling Out Of Control And Confused?

Sick And Tired Of Being Blocked, Sad, Frustrated And Mad?



Whatever You're Struggling With...

If You've Had Enough Of Going Around In Circles And Getting Nowhere,

You're In The Right Place.  

I'm Glad You're Here.



My Name Is The Love Guru Blaire

I'm A Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic Medium,

Relationship Expert and Marriage and Family Therapist



I Help You Have A Better Relationship With Yourself,

Help Your Clear Your Blocks,

Help You With Your Love Life And Career.



I Have The Gift To Bring You Clarity, Guidance And Healing.

I'm Able To Transform Your Life -- Upgrade Your Love Life, Relationships, Career.

When You Work With Me, You Connect To A Deeper Knowing Of You.

I'm Able To Guide You In Making Your Dreams Come True.



This Is Not A Method Or Some Form Of "Work Harder" and Rah-Rah Cheerleading.

I Guide My Clients On How To Heal From The Root.

When You Get To Know The Truth About Your Life, About You, And What You Came Here To Do

You Experience Peace, Healing And Success Like You've Never Experienced Before.



I Take My Clients To Their Next Level Of Success.

Your Whole Life Gets Upgraded

You Become A More Powerful And More Successful Version Of You.


Are You Ready For An Upgrade?


The Love Guru specializes in opening and healing your heart, clearing your blocks and baggage, healing your heartbreak, trauma and childhood wounds.  
The Love Guru teaches you how to release sabotaging thought patterns and unhealthy relationships, clear co-dependency, set up healthy boundaries.
You'll learn how to truly love yourself and how to clear and heal your sadness, loneliness, frustration, anger, anxiety and fear.