​​In a Relationship,

Unhappy & Confused?

Get To The Root Of What's Going On So You Can Fix It or Gracefully Move On. Heal Karma, Childhood Wounds, and Unhealthy Relationship Patterns.

This book will give you insights, realizations, and techniques for your love life... plus it's a great story!

​​When Blaire Allison put up a website for friends and family to help her find a husband, she never thought it would go viral. With a countdown clock to find a husband within six months, a blog, press interviews, and people all over the world emailing to help in her quest, Blaire publicly searched for The One. Would she find what she was looking for? Readers who join Blaire on her unexpected journey will find themselves on a journey of their own. A journey to heal, grow, and learn. To become more loving, self-actualized, and find one's true self along the way. This book is for anyone wondering if we've been misled by society about what the search for The One should look like. It's for those who are actively looking for The One, for those who think The One may never appear, or for anyone wanting to learn more about their own relationships. Do You Know My Husband? is two books in one: an entertaining biography that reads like a diary-style, romantic comedy, and a self-help, dating guide for those looking for love in the digital age. More details/purchase. 

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How Relationship Baggage Effects

Your Love Life

Are You Carrying Around Pain

From Past Relationships and Experiences?

If you are, you're not alone.

You might try to not think about it.

You may tell yourself that it happened soo long ago, that it doesn't make sense that it still bothers you.

​Other people may tell you to stop living in the past and to just move on.

But it still bothers you.

You may still feel upset, angry, frustrated, resentment, disappointed.

This is normal.

Painful relationships and hurtful experiences don't just go away just because we want them to.

And they don't just disappear because of time.

On top of that, you may start dating someone new (or get into a new relationship), but that baggage follows you.

Unfortunately, if not properly healed and cleared, these past hurts create "blocks" 

and instead of it just effecting your love life, it ends up creating blocks in all areas of your lives.

I can help you through this. I can help you heal that hurt from the root.

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​​Fed Up & Frustrated

with Being Single?

Learn How To Partner with The Universe to Easily Attract "The One." Clear Love Life Blocks, Sabotaging Behaviors, and Thought Patterns That No Longer Serve You.

Have You Experienced Career Success,

But Your Love Life's A Mess?

Are You Single and Not Meeting Men (or Women) Who Interest You?

Or In A Relationship That Was Once Great, ​But Now You're Struggling and Confused?

Tried Everything, Not Sure What Else To Do?

I Can Help!

Transform Your Love Life | Upgrade Your Life | Become a Better Version of You - You, 2.0

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