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Fed Up And Frustrated With Your Love Life?


Attention Hard-Working, Passionate, Highly Motivated, Super Intelligent, Spiritual And Successful Executives, Entrepreneurs And Celebrities Whose Love Life Is Chaotic, Non-Existent, Or Down In The Dumps



Have You Experienced Great Career Success,

But Your Love Life's A Mess?



You're In The Right Place If You're...

  • Fed Up And Frustrated With Being Single -- Done With The Dating Game, Not Crazy About The Bar Scene -- Want To Be With "The One" And Get Married.

  • Sick And Tired Of Being Unhappy In Your Relationship -- It May Have Started Out As A Fairytale But Has Since Turned Into An Absolute Nightmare.

  • Have Done Some Self Analysis Of Your Love Life, But You're Still Not Sure What You're Doing Wrong (Or How To Fix It)

  • Tired Of Going To Therapy and/or Reading Self-Help Books With Little Or No Results.

  • Eager And Enthusiastic To Learn An Easier And More Natural Way To Attract, Create And Be In Relationship.

  • Ready To Heal The Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Loneliness, Resentment and Fear You've Been Carrying.

  • Want To Clear The Blocks That Are Showing Up In Your Love Life.  You're Sick Of Repeating The Same Old Patterns.  Attracting The Same Type Of Guy or Girl Or Tired Of Having The Same Old Fights With Your Partner.

  • Hungry To Fix The Problems You're Having In Your Love Life.

  • Willing To Invest The Time, Money And Energy That It Takes To Rework Where You've Been Going Wrong.  Clear Up Those Self Defeating Behaviors And Dysfunctional Relationship Patterns.

  • Interested In Turbo-Charging Your Relationship And Life Success.

  • Want To Be The Master Of Your Life, Rather Than A Victim Of Circumstance.



Hi!  My Name Is The Love Guru Blaire And I'm A Relationship Expert

(I'm Also A Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Heart Healer, Psychic, Medium, And Marriage And Family Therapist)



For Over 15 Years I've Been Helping People Have Successful Relationships

With Themselves, With Others, And With Life.




My Work Is Quick And Powerful.

Healing Your Anger, Sadness, Anxiety, Loneliness,

Frustration, Resentment, And Fear.  


Clearing Your Blocks, Baggage, Old Thought Patterns,

Sabotaging Behaviors, Childhood Wounds And Generational Wounds From The Root.




I Work With Clients Who Want To Have It All

A Great Career, Loving Partner, Happy Family, Health, Wealth, Travel, Leisure...

A Fantastic Life.


When You Work With Me, Your Whole Life Gets Upgraded.

You Become A Better Version Of You.



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