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Welcome, I'm Glad You're Here.


I Have The Gift To Open And Heal Your Heart.

Emotional Healing Is My Specialty



I'm Able To Clear And Heal Your Blocks That

Keep You Stuck, Unhappy, Frustrated And Living In Fear



Clear Your Anger, Anxiety, Sadness, Loneliness, Frustration and Fear



Learn How To Stop Doubting Yourself.  Do You Constantly Debate Your Decisions?

This Keeps You In A Cycle Of Confusion -- Stuck -- Going Around In Circles -- And Paralyzed By Fear




Helping You Heal From The Root, 

So You Never Have To Deal With The Same Pain Again.



I Help You Step Out Of Old Programming, Limiting Thoughts,  Childhood Traumas, And Painful Memories

These Things Keep You Playing Small.

When You Heal This Within Yourself, You Maximize Yourself For Greater Success.




When You Heal The Wounded Parts Of Yourself, You Are FINALLY FREE.



  • FED UP AND FRUSTRATED WITH BEING SINGLE?  Learn An Easier, More Natural, Flowing Way To Find Love Called "The Spiritual Way To Attract The One®"

  • HAS YOUR MARRIAGE TURNED INTO A NIGHTMARE?  Discover Why You Attracted The Partner And Relationship That You Did -- Going Deeper Into Who You Truly Are.  Evolve Your Soul, Become More Aware.

  • Open And Heal Your Heart From Heartbreak and Disappointments

  • Clear Blocks That Keep You From Finding Or Maintaining A Love Relationship

  • Release Old Thought Patterns and Self Defeating Behaviors

  • Heal Karma, Unhealthy Relationship Patterns, Childhood Wounds and Dysfunctional Generational Patterns

  • Develop Your Natural Psychic And Healing Gifts

  • Increase Your Self Confidence

  • Create Greater Intimacy -- With Yourself And Others.

  • Develop More Trust In Yourself And The Universe

  • Discover Your True Self

  • Get On The Path Of Doing Your Divine Mission

  • Clear Blocks That Prevent You From Making Your Dreams Come True




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She Attracted "The One" -- Got Married!

"When I started working with Blaire I was at a bad spot in my love life.  I was a few months out of a dysfunctional relationship that lasted on and off for 3 years.  I had never known true love, and I was searching and searching for it constantly--in all the wrong places...  

In our sessions she pointed out some key things that I strongly believe helped me better myself and guide me in a better direction for not only the love life I desired, but the life I desired..

Just about 6 MONTHS LATER... I began dating the man, literally, of my dreams" - Marissa, New Jersey



She Got Married -- Now Has 2 Kids!

"Before Blaire's program, I was very anxious about dating and finding the One. I felt very lost and unsure about what the right things to do were and what I should or shouldn't be doing. Now I feel much more confident, calm, and at ease... 

1 MONTH LATER she found "The One" (they even have the same birthday) -- and now they're married with two kids! - Karen, Florida



She Healed Her Blocks -- and Is Now Doing Her Divine Mission!

"When I first contacted Blaire I was really disheartened about meeting anyone special.  I felt really negative about it.  I didn't think it would be possible for me to meet a soulmate, but after working with Blaire I feel like some of those blocks were removed and I'm positive and certain I will now meet someone special and I look forward to welcoming him into my life.

The Heart Healing Program wasn't what I expected at all, but it was exactly what my soul needed.  The lessons I learned were uniquely personal to me.  

I learned so many positive, productive and happier ways of being and thinking... completely unexpectedly my own spiritual gifts emerged and now I am working one on one with clients as a healer."   - Hayley, London



He Found His True Self -- And Much More!

I went into my Heart Healing Program with the intent of finding out who I really am.  I’ve always felt like I never fit in anywhere with anyone.  I also wanted to resolve the grief I've carried my whole life... I chose Blaire as my Teacher and Healer but it was more like she was brought to me by the Universe.  It was a feeling that she was the one who would be able to help me.

Through the Heart Healing Program I learned and continue to learn some painful things about myself and my life, however I refuse to live in my ‘Old Story.‘  I learned that I carry a lot of pain from my childhood.  That my mother has been hiding things about my past.  That I was sexually abused in some way.  I learned most of my ‘friends’ were really not friends.  I realized how I try to impress others to gain self worth and that I over-ate for comfort.  

Through the Program, I realized that I spent too much time helping others and not helping myself... that I hung onto bad relationships because I was afraid to face myself...  I also started discovering my Divine Mission... learned how to stand up for myself.  To be more in the wonder of life, rather than constantly trying to figure everything out...  started receiving messages from my guides... laid the foundation for a healthy spiritual practice..  learned to set up proper boundaries for myself... I have become more organized, an issue I always had trouble with...

I am much happier...  realized I am a leader...  started to eat better, lost weight without ‘trying’ or setting out to do so... started to physically healing myself... I've learned to let go of things gracefully...  learned to be more in the“Now” rather than rushing to some destination and being unhappy in the present... I've discovered what is truly fun for me.  Increased my spiritual gifts.  Realized I am beautiful -- and I found what I've been missing, my identity -- myself!   Now I am “ME” -- and I LOVE ME!!!" 



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